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Original Content: Stephen King's 11.22.63 [Hulu]

If you’re not a huge Stephen King fan (we won’t judge), Hulu has produced a show that might just change your mind.

If you’re not a huge Stephen King fan (we won’t judge), Hulu has produced a show that might just change your mind. Imagine having the ability to travel back in time, and being tasked with preventing the assassination of JFK. As far as plotlines go- it doesn’t get much better than this!

Stephen King has long proven himself to be a master storyteller. Now, even the King of horror has acknowledged the potential for cord cutting. Stepping away from some major networks, King trusted one of his latest television adaptations to a streaming provider. If you haven’t gotten Hulu yet- this may be enough to push you over that edge.

11.22.63 focuses on the adventures that Jake Epping, a newly divorced high school teacher played by James Franco, has when he enters a closet- and comes out in October of 1960. When Epping visits a diner after its owner asks him to return the next day, he starts a journey that changes the course of history over and over again. 12.

Upon arriving, Epping sees that Al Templeton- the diner’s owner- has aged years overnight. As the story unfolds, it’s revealed the Templeton has been living years at a time in the past. This 8-part series embraces a complex storyline that’s so well-researched, it borders on historical fiction.

As the main character travels through the past, the audience is given insight into the culture and concerns of the times. Will the pull of the past be too much for Epping? Or, will he complete his task, and change the future of the world for everyone? This is one show that’s proving itself too good not to watch.

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