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Netflix has managed to hold on to the number one show Orange is the New Black

With all of the ‘Black Friday’ deals and discounts coming out for your favorite cord cutting entertainment providers- there are more choices than ever! These deals won’t last forever. If you aren’t already subscribed to streaming services (yes- multiple services), then you won’t find a better time to buy.

Netflix is the grandfather of streaming services, and it continues to stand out with its original programming. Services like Hulu and Amazon aren’t far behind, but Netflix has managed to hold on to the number one show. If you haven’t heard of Orange is the New Black, then you’ve missed out on one of the most exciting trends in streaming history.

This show follows the sometimes dark and sardonic journey of Piper Chapman, who finds herself behind bars for helping her drug smuggling ex-girlfriend launder money. If it sounds like a lot to take it in, that’s because it is. Part testimony to the problems with the prison system, part social satire, and all entertainment.

Even if the main character isn’t someone who you can relate to, there are so many other personalities in one block of television to choose from. The show focuses on individual inmates, and the reasons that they’ve ended up in prison. This inspires a unique look at the other side of the bars. The combination of stories and crooked prison personnel draws you in and makes you question everything you thought you knew about crime.

With the perfect mix of drama and humor, viewers are slowly pulled into a world that’s too taboo to ignore. You can try to watch just one, but six hours and a box of tissues later- you’ll realize just how addictive this show can be!

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