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Netflix is Squeezing its Resources to Fund New Content

  October 25, 2018  •  News  |  Patricia Howard

Netflix has shown no hesitation in their “spend money to make money” philosophy. This year they’ve announced their intention to spend over $2.8 billion on activities that will allow them to remain competitive. The streaming giant is turning to debt markets for the second time in 2018, causing a sudden drop in the value of the company’s bonds.This has also resulted in serious concern among sh... Read more

Shudder Gets You Ready for Halloween

  Oct 24, 2018  •  Information
If you were frightened at the prospect of not finding enough horror flicks to keep things spooky this month, you can close... Read more

Netflix Cancelling ‘Luke Cage’: Is Marvel Having Issues?

  Oct 23, 2018  •  News
The sudden cancellation of Marvel’s Luke Cage came as a surprise to fans and talent last week. Everyone believed that the s... Read more

Netflix Original Content: The Haunting of Hill House

  Oct 19, 2018  •  Original Content
If you’re looking for something that’s beyond creepy this season, Netflix’s newest series has it all. Floating bowler hat n... Read more

Apple Being Accused of Bait and Switch Tactics in Class Action Lawsuit

  Oct 15, 2018  •  News
No one likes to feel like they’re getting duped with the promise of a great deal, only to find that the product isn’t exactly... Read more

Pluto TV is the (Free) Streaming Service for Channel Surfers

  Oct 12, 2018  •  Review
Pluto TV is the perfect streaming service if you want to surf channels and just watch what’s on. Admit it, even though your... Read more

The ChannelMaster Stream+ Has a Chance at Greatness

  Oct 11, 2018  •  Review
ChannelMaster sent us a package that included their brand new Stream+ Media Player and OTA DVR and their (separately purcha... Read more

How Popular is Cord Cutting Across the United States?

  Oct 9, 2018  •  News
Cord cutting has been gaining significant steam over the last few years as Cable and Satellite providers continue to push the... Read more

Netflix Takes the Plunge—Buys Albuquerque Production Studio

  Oct 9, 2018  •  News
Netflix has long been known for their dedication to producing high-end content for subscribers of their streaming service. O... Read more