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4 of the Scariest Movies for Cord Cutters this Halloween (2018)

  October 5, 2018  •  Original Content  |  Patricia Howard

Tis the season—to be terrified! Cutting the cord doesn’t mean sacrificing your favorite horror flicks. Between Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and newer services like Shudder, you’ll have enough ghouls, ghosts, monsters and killers to keep you entertained until next Halloween.We’ve put together a variety pack of some of the scariest movies available through your favorite streaming services. So, turn... Read more

Senior Citizens Beginning to Rely on Cord Cutting

  Oct 4, 2018  •  News
Seniors rely on their television for news, weather, and emergency alerts and to serve as the primary form of entertainment in... Read more

Netflix Will Use 'Black Mirror' as a Trial Run for Interactive TV

  Oct 2, 2018  •  Original Content
Netflix was founded on pioneering entertainment technology and innovative new ideas. An article released by Bloomberg on M... Read more

AT&T Throws the First Punch with Awful Netflix Analogy

  Sep 28, 2018  •  News
At a Goldman Sachs media investor conference earlier this month, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson proved that even executives put... Read more

Verizon Introduces 5G Network - Revolutionizing Cord Cutting

  Sep 26, 2018  •  News
We’ve been following the evolution of the 5th generation wireless technology closely since its inception. The 5G concept ha... Read more

Is Amazon’s Newest DVR a Potential Flop?

  Sep 25, 2018  •  News
There are times when a company becomes so accustomed to success that it gets a little overconfident. This may be the case wit... Read more

Netflix Pushes its Subscribers' Limits with Ads

  Sep 21, 2018  •  News
Netflix is promoting their newly launching shows and movies by showing a short commercial during the transition between bing... Read more

Terrarium Shuts Down In lieu of Possible Legal Issues

  Sep 19, 2018  •  News
Last Tuesday, the widely used piracy app Terrarium TV announced that it would be shutting down. The news comes very close t... Read more

Watch TV in Spanish after Cutting the Cord

  Sep 17, 2018  •  Information
If you’re looking for Spanish language content on TV, you may be surprised to hear how much is available once you cut the cor... Read more