Philo TV Everywhere Platform Expanding to Apple TV and Fire TV

The highly anticipated 2018 summer expansion includes support for Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, significantly broadening the service reach.

Philo is the most affordable multichannel live TV streaming service on the market, coming in at only $16/month. The price point makes this a bargain solution, while the exclusive channel lineup that leans towards entertainment channels makes it distinctive.

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The skinny service is backed by networks A&E, AMC, Discovery, Scripps, and Viacom. The investors put a combined $25 million into the business and opened up their content libraries for on-demand content and live broadcasts. Philo’s CEO Andrew McCollum was part of the group that launched Facebook on a college campus, so when the time came to launch this product, he followed the blueprint of his successful past venture by initially launching Philo to the same audience.

The highly anticipated summer expansion includes support for Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, significantly broadening the service reach. It indicates that Philo is pushing the boundaries of its niche while staying firmly within price limits. If you are looking for another reason before you cut the cord, these new service offerings might push you to make the call.

TV Everywhere up and running

Philo is on the leading edge of the portability movement known as TV Everywhere that allows consumers to watch their content on any device, anywhere. The budget-conscious service enabled authentication for TV Everywhere for all of its viewers this month. Subscribers can use their Philo credentials to access every streaming app on the service’s channel list. It’s a significant value-add to the service that doesn’t cost subscribers anything.

Philo’s low monthly fee now delivers all of the content behind the paywall for every Philo channel, except the Oprah Winfrey Network, which is reportedly in the works. Adding this powerful feature will surely tempt prospective cord cutters to unplug without the risk of losing access to their favorite cable shows.

Effect of Adding Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV

Although it started out as a college campus solution, the service became a full-fledged service available to the general public in late 2017. Philo’s reach was rather limited at initial launch because it only included integration for Roku, iOS, and casting through Chromecast.

The recent announcement that Philo would begin supporting Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV should produce another bump in subscriber numbers. Live streaming is expected to support Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV devices sometime this summer, but no official date has been announced. The additional platforms expand the potential market for the service, while the low price point keeps the slim lineup appealing.

More features planned

McCollum said that Apple TV would likely be the first addition, as the transition from iOS to Apple TV was the simplest from a programming standpoint. He also announced that a mobile app for Android users was on the horizon.

One feature currently in the works is a ‘jump to live’ feature for live programming in the services Cloud DVR feature.

Pricing still the most attractive option

Philo is still a cost-conscious niche service, designed with portability in mind. The lack of sports and news can be mitigated by an HD Antenna, which is helpful for home viewing but doesn’t make a difference for those who value the portability.

Subscribers to Philo choose from a basic package of 37 channels or can upgrade to 46 channels. That’s about the same number of channels as competitor Sling TV’s 28 channels or YouTube TV, which delivers 40 channels.

The difference is in the lineup. Philo doesn’t carry sports, news, or local broadcast channels like most of the bigger streamers. One advantage Philo has is the connection with Viacom gives viewers access to channels not found on many other services, like Comedy Central, MTV, BET, and VH1. If the lineup is to your liking, Philo is half the price of most popular streaming services.

The basic set of 37 channels is $16 per month. The 46 channel lineup adds MTV Live, American Heroes Channel, Cooking Channel and more for $20 per month.

Easiest Trial of any Service and No Contract

Subscriptions are month to month and automatically renew unless you cancel. There’s a flexible seven-day free trial that only requires a mobile phone number to start.

**Philo’s free trial makes it ridiculously easy to try the service. No billing information or credit card is required, just a phone number. **

Full featured for a skinny service

Philo may be a skinny bundle, but that doesn’t mean that the company took any shortcuts with the user experience. Philo’s interface is a friendly, intuitive design that navigates easily on both big and small screens.

The service is packed full of features that make it user-friendly. Subscribers can watch on three devices at the same time, even when streaming in HD. Viewers can pause live channels, start shows from the beginning when in progress, and watch programs that have aired in the last 72 hours.
The unlimited DVR enables fast forward and rewind capabilities where licensing agreements allow, but only keeps recordings for 30 days. On top of all of the live content, there is an on-demand library of more than 1,000 hours of primetime content available.

Future looks good for Philo

Philo’s audience is smaller than those of powerhouse services like Hulu Live, but the niche provider manages to offer a comparable number of channels for about half the price of the big OTT services. With the service enhancements in the pipeline, this little competitor seems to have carved out a perfect place to succeed in the cluttered streaming market.

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