Shudder Gets You Ready for Halloween

There’s nothing like a great scary movie to make you jump out of your seat...

If you were frightened at the prospect of not finding enough horror flicks to keep things spooky this month, you can close your eyes and rest easy. Shudder is the new on-demand movie service designed for true horror fans. The newest over-the-top streaming service brings all the shrieks and howls you want in the form of horror, thriller, and supernatural movies.

Horror films are the best kind of guilty pleasure, a way to experience a thrill while remaining safe behind your pillow. There’s nothing like a great scary movie to make you jump out of your seat. The excitement keeps you coming back for more while you root for the triumph of good over evil.

You’re gonna need a bigger boat

Shudder will keep your heart pounding with a selection of 800+ great slasher flicks and psychological thrillers. It’s like getting access to the best collection of scary movies in the world. There are twice as many cult classics, independent films and blockbuster hits than what you find in the horror section of Netflix. It’s the largest and fastest-growing selection of new releases and classics, with new titles added each week.
It’s not just low-budget cult classics and blockbuster hits. Shudder has thousands of hours of horror, suspense, and thrillers that you know and love. In addition to the large collection, the streaming company is also investing in a growing collection of original shows and movies.

With such a large library and content shuffling weekly, it could be hard to find that perfect film. But that’s where Shudder really stands out from the crowd with a commitment to top-notch curation.

Like a film festival in your hand

The curated content sets Shudder apart from any other source of horror flicks. The mix of shows, movies, and podcasts is handpicked by genre experts, who add expert perspective, introductions, and bonus material to make watching each film an experience. The cinematic geniuses at Shudder have gone to great lengths to organize the films into curated playlists, known as collections.

While the big streaming services can invest in algorithms and make adjustments based on viewer statistics, Shudder keeps a hands-on approach. Each collection is like a film festival come to life, with carefully selected titles bundled together. This makes it easy to discover arthouse flicks and indie titles. The viewing guides are updated often, but these collections are sure to make you hide behind your blanket.

  • A Shudder Halloween
  • Vengeance is Hers
  • The Master of Suspense
  • School’s Out Forever
  • Get Rad
  • A-Plus

We scare because we care

A lot of streaming services have fanatical followings, but horror seems to have a tight-knit community. Maybe it’s the underlying fear element in each film that forces people to bond, but the member reviews are helpful, respectful, and interesting. Everyone who enjoys the adrenaline rush of being scared silly and loves films comes together on this platform and makes it bigger than just a collection of films.

Guest curators are invited to pick their favorite films and create a collection. Actor Kumail Nunjiani (The Big Sick) explains his love of the genre, shares his favorite titles and explains the thin line between laughing and screaming in his guest curated collection.

The sense of community in the niche service extends past Hollywood stars to everyday members. Shudder takes requests from members for film selections or collection suggestions on their website.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

You can score some free content on the Shudder TV channel on their website. Shudder shows an endless stream of movies on their website that you can watch 24/7.

Once you get a taste for the genre, it will be hard to give it up. Get access to the on-demand content, original shows, and the curated collections by signing up for a subscription. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to try it out – you’ll get seven days for free.

Subscription with a free trial

Subscription plans start at $3.99/month, or you can pay for a year in advance for a discounted rate. Head to and look for the “Start Your Free Trial” button. If you decide to subscribe after the trial, you can cancel anytime without a commitment. I saw reports of users finding discount and promo codes, so it might be worth a quick search if you want to extend past the first seven days.

Compatible devices

You can only find the free streaming content of Shudder TV on the website. If you’re brave enough to seek out a subscription, you’ll find Shudder lurking, waiting for you in the place you least expect. You’ll find it everywhere!

Shudder is available as an app on iOS and Android. Download the Shudder channel from Roku’s channel store, Microsoft’s app store, and Amazon Prime Video as a channel. Watch your favorite suspense, horror, and slashers on phones, tablets, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, and Chromecast.

This is not a dream! This is really happening!

The attention to detail on the website was proof that the folks at AMC are committed to the success of the niche service. The menu titles shake in fear when you hover your mouse over the selection, and their social media links are prefaced with “stalk us.”

If you are constantly on the search for spooky films to make your heart pound and your adrenaline rush, Shudder has just the right mix for you. True fans of the horror, suspense, supernatural and slasher genres will love all the goosebumps from this new service.

Sign up for your 7-day trial and have an old friend for dinner while you enjoy the excitement of finding a new favorite.

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