Suppose You Had a Little Help Choosing the Right Streaming Services

Suppose.TV is a necessary tool for the current situation and will likely become even more relevant as more services enter the market

TV viewers are overwhelmed by choice, which makes cord cutting seem complex. Streaming services, over-the-top platforms, and new broadcast standards are rolling out every day. Each home has priorities, like existing equipment, or a favorite football team, or can’t miss TV shows or channels. Cost can be a big factor, but there are some who are happy to pay a bit more for convenience. Suppose you had a website that could tell you what the right service or combination of services is for your home? Suppose.TV is a website that recommends the best combination of streaming services based on what’s important to you.

Can’t see the forest for the trees

The best part about streaming TV is the number of services you can choose. The worst part of streaming TV is, you guessed it, the number of services. I’ve written about the sheer enormity of choices and how to manage them with tools since 2017. As more streaming services hit the market, the need for a good selection system increases.

The streaming market is saturated with options. So many options that the truly good ones, like Filmstruck, can’t get enough traction to stay profitable. As Disney and Apple pile on later this year, the field is going to get even more crowded. Disney is already facing criticisms that their platform won’t make enough money. It’s hard to add even a first-rate streaming service this late in the game. Netflix and Hulu had such a long lead time on most of the new services. They’re so entrenched; it would be remarkable for even a powerhouse like Disney or Apple to cause a dent.

Suppose is a TV bundle comparison tool

In today’s post-cable TV market, consumers are looking for a combination of services, including base packages and add-ons from the major providers like Apple TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu Live, YouTube TV, Sling, and DirecTV Now. But that’s not all; perhaps you want an over-the-top service like Netflix, CBS All Access, ESPN+, or Amazon Prime. Of course, you need to consider pricing, limited-time offers, and bundle options to get the best deal. The potential number of combinations quickly becomes unmanageable.

Suppose.TV is a website that helps you search and compare different combinations of streaming TV services, local broadcast channels, premium channels, and over-the-top services. You input key criteria and then choose from recommendations depending on your pricing criteria, channel availability, and other categories.

You’ll still need to do a bit of research to ensure you get the exact features you want but Suppose.TV will help narrow the choices by delivering all of the variables in one place. The website will also point out available discounts and deals.

Build the perfect solution for your home

Do you have access to Kanopy? What about a Netflix subscription? Is HGTV a must-have channel in your lineup? Do you have an Amazon Fire Stick? Have you finished Game of Thrones? You also need to consider video quality, DVR storage capacity and access, the technical difficulty of certain interfaces, and more.

Each family has unique needs. Some have a kid in college who needs access to a cloud-based DVR. Other families absolutely must have ESPN+ to watch their favorite team. There are so many skinny bundles, over-the-top streaming services, and packages from every provider; it’s hard to know what to choose, much less how much to pay.

Whether you’ve cut the cord or not, Suppose.TV helps you learn about local broadcast networks and regional sports networks for more than 100 top markets. Once you add in requirements for streaming platforms, you can specify which devices you own, how many streams you need, and must-have channels. Filter out services without DVR support, or with contract requirements, or over a certain price.

Suppose.TV uses an algorithm to provide a recommendation for the Best Fit. As you slide in new requirements and filter out networks that don’t meet your requirements, you’ll get different recommendations. The service estimates that it analyzes 13 million combinations to find a match.

Keep up with the constant changes

The website keeps up with all of the constantly changing information and sorts it into a format that makes it easy for consumers to digest. Entertainment companies are constantly updating their service, whether adding new hardware compatibility, raising or lowering prices, or altering what is included in a distinct bundle.

For example, so far this year Sling TV added a free tier, and YouTube TV added 95 new markets. Hulu dropped the price for base service, but hiked rates for live TV, while dropping some channels from the main service and making them optional add-ons. Netflix raised subscription rates. TiVo announced an app that will stream content to Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV without the need for a second TiVo device. Tablo has a new over-the-air DVR and plans to release a feature that auto-skips commercials in recordings. HDHomeRun showed an all-in-one device that will also provide over-the-air DVR service.

For the services that provide the information, Suppose.TV tracks promotions, deals, and limited-time offers. You’ll know exactly what is included in your combination of services and how much you’ll pay for it.

You can set up alerts

Thankfully, Suppose.TV has an alert service to keep you up to date on price changes, channel additions, and more. Once you’ve created a profile with options you require, like device compatibility, DVR requirements, must-have channels, and new channels, you don’t want to abandon all that work and re-enter it every week to monitor changes.

Suppose.TV alerts you when new, relevant offers become available. Suppose.TV monitors your preference settings and sends you an email when a price change, channel addition, or feature change might impact your choice of providers. You’ll know when it makes sense to switch to a better fitting combination of services or maybe save a few bucks without losing any functionality.


When I hear from friends or neighbors who are considering cutting the cord, they almost always ask me what the “best” service is. It’s hard to give a succinct answer to that question because there are so many factors to consider. It’s a balance of convenience, cost, hardware, and what content is important to you. Suppose.TV considers a lot of factors and can make instantaneous changes when you adjust your priorities. I think it’s a necessary tool for the current situation and will likely become even more relevant as more services enter the market.

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