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How to Choose the Right OTA DVR for Your Antenna

  December 25, 2018  •  Review  |  Patricia Howard

Cutting the cord is about cutting costs without giving up all of your favorite entertainment options. Whether you watch the news obsessively, or never miss a football game, there are definitely some areas where streaming services are lacking. For more localized channels, many people use a long-range HD antenna. While this is a fantastic option for those in the right locations, many cord cutte... Read more

An Idiot’s Guide to Setting up the NoCable 70 Antenna

  Nov 5, 2018  •  Opinion
I have a confession to make—I’m not tech savvy. That’s right. I cover tech related topics, understand how to navigate compl... Read more

Why You Need an Antenna Even if You Don’t Cut the Cord

  Nov 2, 2018  •  Information
A simple $40 investment can keep you connected to the latest news and weather even if your cable, satellite or connection t... Read more

The ChannelMaster Stream+ Has a Chance at Greatness

  Oct 11, 2018  •  Review
ChannelMaster sent us a package that included their brand new Stream+ Media Player and OTA DVR and their (separately purcha... Read more

You Can Still Throw an Epic Tailgate Party after You Cut the Cord

  Sep 6, 2018  •  Information
Are you ready for some football? The College and NFL seasons kick off soon, which means it’s time to strategize the perfe... Read more

Cord Cutters Need to Scan Channels Periodically for Two Years

  Aug 7, 2018  •  News
Technology has changed a lot since the beginning of the decade. Some TV broadcast stations will be moving to new frequencies... Read more

Step by Step Guide to Cutting the Cord

  Jul 18, 2018  •  Information
I get a lot of questions from family and friends about cutting the cord. I’ve even got an ongoing Nextdoor conversation with... Read more

This is Why Quality Matters for OTA Antennas

  Apr 9, 2018  •  Opinion
Believe it or not, the video quality of your thousand dollar entertainment system can hinge on an inexpensive antenna. These... Read more

Cord Cutters Miss the Convenience of a DVR

  Mar 30, 2018  •  Information
If you cut the cord in favor of using an antenna to save some cash, you most likely ended up without a DVR to record broad... Read more