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AT&T Plans 2019 Price Hike for DirecTV Customers

  December 19, 2018  •  Information  |  Patricia Howard

AT&T has officially announced the plan to roll out a new price point starting on January 29 of 2019. This price hike is estimated to be between $1 and $8 per DirecTV satellite customer, depending on their current plans. U-Verse prices will follow suit with an increase of $3 to $5 per customers on every plan except for U-Basic. Subscribers can also expect to see an increase in their regional spor... Read more

AT&T Throws the First Punch with Awful Netflix Analogy

  Sep 28, 2018  •  News
At a Goldman Sachs media investor conference earlier this month, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson proved that even executives put... Read more

DIRECTV NOW Ends Beta Testing

  Aug 27, 2018  •  News
“Beta testing” is a term that we’re hearing more and more frequently in the realm of consumer sales. What it refers to is a s... Read more

Are DIRECTV NOW Price Hikes a Harbinger of Things to Come?

  Jul 5, 2018  •  News
Only last month, the AT&T acquisition of Time Warner, Inc. was made official amidst promises that the telecommunications gi... Read more

Big Merger Leads to Less Consumer Privacy

  Jun 25, 2018  •  News
AT&T executives believed that merging with content giant Time Warner, Inc. would give it leverage to compete against stream... Read more

AT&T Has Finally Acquired Time Warner - Now What?

  Jun 15, 2018  •  News
In spite of the misgivings of the United States Department of Justice, a Federal judge approved the AT&T acquisition of Time... Read more

Political Interference May Disrupt AT&T’s Time Warner Acquisition

  Jun 4, 2018  •  News
A ruling on the $85.4 billion dollar proposed acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T could come as soon as June 12. The case is b... Read more

AT&T Watch on Hold Until a Time Warner Decision is Reached

  Jun 1, 2018  •  News
AT&T has announced its intention to hold off on the release of their newest streaming service, aptly named AT&T Watch, until... Read more

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