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New movies and shows on Netflix in November 2019

  November 14, 2019  •  Original Content  |  Megan Southard

Netflix is flexing its muscles this month to prove that new streaming competitors like Apple TV + and Disney + are going to have to bring their A-game to compete. People heading home for the holidays need to put together a good game plan to catch all of the new movies and shows added this month. Here are a few that should make a big splash with audiences, followed by a complete list of what d... Read more

Cutting the Cord this Christmas

  Dec 10, 2018  •  News
If you’re at all tech-savvy, your trip home this holiday will include a role as the resident cord cutting adviser for the e... Read more

Nothing Says “Christmas” Like Streaming Your Hallmark Favorites

  Nov 20, 2018  •  News
There’s something warmly familiar about settling in on a cold Winter’s day with a cup of something hot and your favorite Hall... Read more

The Best Gift Giving Guide for Cord Cutters 2018

  Nov 19, 2018  •  Information
It’s that time again! Holiday cookies, your favorite feel good movies, and all the presents you can buy! If that sounded a... Read more

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