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How to Find the Best Price on Disney Plus

  November 18, 2019  •  News  |  Megan Southard

If you haven’t signed up for Disney Plus yet, there are still some deals available. Initial reports on social media give the House of Mouse a thumbs up for content and mixed reviews on the stability of the service. Cost of Disney Plus service New subscribers can get a decent discount by committing to a year of service for $69.99/year. That discounts your monthly price from $6.99/month to on... Read more

Top Ten Programming Picks on the all-new Disney+ Streaming Platform

  Sep 23, 2019  •  News
Disney’s new streaming platform Disney+ is poised to make a big splash when it launches November 12. The House of Mouse is... Read more

Why Hulu is Very Much Worth $6 a Month

  May 14, 2019  •  Information
Watching my favorite network shows on Hulu is a lot more pleasant and efficient than any other streaming method. Hulu gathe... Read more

New Disney+ Streaming Service Slated for November Launch

  Apr 26, 2019  •  Original Content
Cordcutters were eager to hear the details of Disney’s new streaming service this week. Disney+ launches Nov. 12 in the U.... Read more

Hulu Satisfies Your Inner Child with All the Animation You Could Ever Want

  Feb 18, 2019  •  News
If you’re a fan of edgy cartoons too inappropriate for the younger crowd, Hulu has the most diverse selection of hilarious... Read more

The Loss of Licensed Content Could Cripple Netflix

  Dec 11, 2018  •  News
When Netflix first moved to a digital platform, no one could’ve imagined that the company would one day set a new precedent... Read more

Disney’s Channels Losing Subscribers by the Millions

  Nov 27, 2018  •  News
According to a recent report by Variety, Disney may have more to fear from the cord cutting movement than originally thou... Read more

Netflix Cancelling ‘Luke Cage’: Is Marvel Having Issues?

  Oct 23, 2018  •  News
The sudden cancellation of Marvel’s Luke Cage came as a surprise to fans and talent last week. Everyone believed that the s... Read more

The Race is on - Will Cable Companies Take Over Streaming?

  Sep 10, 2018  •  News
When most Americans first signed up for cable, there was a lot of excitement. Networks could beam popular programming directl... Read more

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