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Top Ten Programming Picks on the all-new Disney+ Streaming Platform

  September 23, 2019  •  News  |  Megan Southard

Disney’s new streaming platform Disney+ is poised to make a big splash when it launches November 12. The House of Mouse is coming out strong with low introductory pricing and a showcase of original programming and fan favorites. The new streaming service is only $6.99/month. Subscribers can bundle Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu for $12.99/month – conveniently, the same price as Netflix’s standar... Read more

Why Hulu is Very Much Worth $6 a Month

  May 14, 2019  •  Information
Watching my favorite network shows on Hulu is a lot more pleasant and efficient than any other streaming method. Hulu gathe... Read more

Disney’s Channels Losing Subscribers by the Millions

  Nov 27, 2018  •  News
According to a recent report by Variety, Disney may have more to fear from the cord cutting movement than originally thou... Read more

What Does Cord Cutting Mean for the College Football Season?

  Jul 30, 2018  •  News
It’s that time again! Football season is getting ready to kick off and sports enthusiasts everywhere are excited to see their... Read more

Everything you need to know about the ESPN+ streaming service

  Apr 18, 2018  •  News
ESPN’s new over-the-top subscription service hosts a powerful lineup of MLB, MLS, and NHL live games, as well as select P... Read more

ESPN Streaming Service Could Score Points with Viewers

  Apr 13, 2018  •  News
If there’s one thing that ESPN President Jim Pitaro understands, it’s how to create a product that reaches consumers on their... Read more

ESPN Changes Advertising in a Bid to Offset Subscriber Loss

  Jan 8, 2018  •  News
It’s no secret that ESPN has been struggling to stay afloat amidst serious losses due to cord-cutting. After layoffs, and... Read more

Are ESPN Layoffs a Harbinger of Things to Come?

  Dec 11, 2017  •  News
ESPN used to be a network that every sports fan recognized and deferred to for the most up-to-date scores and niche news. No... Read more

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