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Free TV is on the Rise

  June 13, 2019  •  News  |  Megan Southard

As is inevitable when a trend really starts taking hold, naysayers are coming out of the woodwork about cordcutting. Recently, opinion articles stating that “you won’t save money cordcutting” have become popular. The justification is that consumers must now subscribe to so many streaming services it costs more than cable. Contrary to those opinions, the data shows that most people who cut the co... Read more

Basic TV antenna technology hasn’t changed since the 1940's

  May 7, 2019  •  Information
Antennas get a bad rap. Young people think that a device that lets you watch TV for free is too good to be true, and the olde... Read more

Kanopy is a free streaming service you get with your library card

  Nov 21, 2018  •  Review
You might not have heard of Kanopy, the on-demand streaming platform if you’re not a library card holder or university studen... Read more

Shudder Gets You Ready for Halloween

  Oct 24, 2018  •  Information
If you were frightened at the prospect of not finding enough horror flicks to keep things spooky this month, you can close... Read more

When you first heard about antennas… what did you think?

  Nov 2, 2017  •  Information
Streaming services have changed the way we view TV and made many re-think the 30-year love-hate relationship with cable provi... Read more