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How much will HBO Max cost, and when does it launch?

  November 1, 2019  •  News  |  Megan Southard

HBO Max released price and launch information this week at WarnerMedia’s investor day. The new $15/month subscription will replace HBO Now and launches in May in the U.S. with a full spectrum of content. Expansion to Latin America and Europe is planned for 2021. What you can watch on HBO Max The new streaming service isn’t starting from scratch. HBO already produces 38 original titles, in... Read more

The Chernobyl Miniseries on HBO is a Cautionary Tale

  Jun 11, 2019  •  Original Content
HBO recently launched a series called “Chernobyl” which chronicles the events of the 1986 nuclear accident and how a team... Read more

Roku Will Redesign Their Platform to Follow in Amazon’s Footsteps

  Jun 21, 2018  •  News
Roku has announced their plans to develop a one-stop-shop platform that allows users to consolidate their subscription servi... Read more

All about HBO Now - Is it worth it?

  Nov 17, 2017  •  Review
I have always been a fan of HBO’s amazing programming — from the glory days of The Sopranos and Sex in the City to toda... Read more

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