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How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Streaming Apps

  October 29, 2018  •  Information  |  Megan Southard

If your kids are anything like mine, the majority of what they watch is through a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime. You can limit the chance that your kids will see inappropriate content by using parental controls within the streaming video services. It’s a little harder to protect them from ads that might display between episodes or in a browser, but you can set up parental controls... Read more

4 of the Scariest Movies for Cord Cutters this Halloween (2018)

  Oct 5, 2018  •  Original Content
Tis the season—to be terrified! Cutting the cord doesn’t mean sacrificing your favorite horror flicks. Between Netflix, Hu... Read more

Hulu Original Content: Harlots

  Aug 24, 2018  •  Original Content
Every once in a while, a show comes along that’s so deliciously bad—that it’s good. This is exactly what Hulu’s “Harlots”... Read more

Plex makes you feel like the Great and Powerful Oz

  Jun 12, 2018  •  News
On my Roku, the Plex channel description reads, “Plex magically organizes your video, music, and photo libraries and stream... Read more

Hulu Overhauls its Management - Subscribers Could be Seeing Major Changes

  Jun 5, 2018  •  News
According to a Friday article released by the Los Angeles Times, Hulu is making waves in its executive pool, and they cou... Read more

Big User Experience Changes Coming to Hulu

  May 22, 2018  •  News
It’s been a busy week at one of the world’s top ten direct-to-consumer entertainment brands, as Hulu announced changes to t... Read more

Original Content: The Handmaids Tale [Hulu]

  Feb 20, 2018  •  Original Content
The Handmaid’s Tale is one of Hulu’s most popular original productions, winning eight Primetime Emmy Awards—and it’s easy... Read more

What to expect as Hulu becomes part of Disney

  Feb 16, 2018  •  News
Disney announced in December that it intends to acquire Fox for $52.4 billion. Hulu was once a three-way joint venture bet... Read more

Things I want to see in 2018 from the Streaming & TV Industry

  Jan 7, 2018  •  Opinion
I remember being absolutely frustrated with spiraling cable television bills. Seriously, at one point my cable television bil... Read more