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Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access

  January 29, 2020  •  Original Content  |  Megan Southard

Fans of Star Trek cheered this week when the long-awaited new show Star Trek: Picard launched on CBS All Access. The live-action series stars Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Admiral Jean-Luc Picard. How does the new show fit into the Star Trek universe? Picard was once the Captain of Starfleet’s flagship starship Enterprise in The Next Generation series. Stewart reboots his title char... Read more

The Return of Fall TV (2019 Edition)

  Aug 20, 2019  •  News
Netflix forever changed the way we watch TV. There are premieres throughout the year and seasons don’t all start in the fall,... Read more

Netflix Strikes a Deal with Kenya Barris, Creator of ‘Black-ish’

  Aug 21, 2018  •  News
On Thursday, Netflix formally welcomed Kenya Barris to their ever-growing lineup of big names in the entertainment industry... Read more

Reviewing the Free Crackle TV Service

  Oct 13, 2017  •  Review
Ugh! It was my least favorite day of the month — my cable television bill had just arrived in the mail. Even though I suppose... Read more

Netflix Revivals: Are They Good or Bad Ideas?

  Oct 13, 2017  •  Original Content
When Arrested Development was cancelled by Fox in 2006 after only the third season, fans were severely disappointed. Then... Read more

Original Content: Sneaky Pete [Amazon]

  Oct 4, 2017  •  Original Content
Two years after the hit AMC show Breaking Bad aired its final season, main star Bryan Cranston returned to the small screen,... Read more

Original Content: Orange is the New Black [Netflix]

  Oct 1, 2017  •  Original Content
When thinking of a new show to binge watch, many people would’ve passed at the sound of a show centered around a bunch of fem... Read more

Original Content: The Mindy Project [Hulu]

  Oct 1, 2017  •  Original Content
Out of every original show that has ever been released from a streaming application, The Mindy Project is one of the most h... Read more

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