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YouTube Officially Advertises Free Movies

  January 2, 2019  •  News  |  Patricia Howard

While many people have used YouTube as a source of “free” entertainment for years, not every movie, audiobook, or song has been uploaded with the permissions intact. It’s not uncommon to get halfway through a series only to encounter an “error” message announcing that it’s been pulled due to copyright infringement. With so many networks aggressively guarding their content licenses, sharing sites... Read more

How to Handle all the Different Streaming Services

  Oct 27, 2017  •  Information
Cutting the cord gives you the freedom to explore a whole new world of content. Choosing each service á la carte lets you pie... Read more

YouTube TV could be The One

  Oct 23, 2017  •  Opinion
YouTube is the one company that has a chance to de-throne the cable companies. A recent addition to the fray of companies ous... Read more