The Best Gift Giving Guide for Cord Cutters 2018

This gift giving guide for the tech savvy cord cutter might just make their year

It’s that time again! Holiday cookies, your favorite feel good movies, and all the presents you can buy! If that sounded a little more enthusiastic than you feel, this gift giving guide for the tech savvy cord cutter might just save your season. We’ve gathered together some of the best gear to make your gifts that much cooler. You’re welcome.

The Google Wi-Fi System

Anyone who really understands the ins and outs of cord cutting knows the importance of a reliable high-speed Wi-Fi system. Enter the Google Wi-Fi system, with easy placement, lightning fast speeds, and a performance that puts your old discount router to shame. Spoil the cord cutter in your life (or just treat yourself) with this awesome piece of tech.

Amazon Firestick 4K

Considered the most powerful new Firestick offering from Amazon, the 4K boasts access to over 500,000 movies and shows. The technology promises to keep growing as new content and streaming options become increasingly available. At just under fifty bucks, this is a steal that will provide countless hours of amazing entertainment.

Roku Premiere

With the newest upgrades to our upload and streaming capabilities, there’s no shame in wanting to keep up with the latest and greatest Roku upgrades. The Premiere allows you to stream all of your favorite content in 4K, HD, or HDR. Pretty much offering you one of the best and most involved viewing experiences you’re going to get for under (again) fifty bucks. With so many cord cutters familiar with Roku, this is one gift giving opportunity that won’t steer you wrong.

TiVo’s Bolt OTA

This is one device that works great with the HD antennas that deliver great reception in populated and optimal areas. Even if you aren’t in the best position to take advantage of antennas, the TiVo Bolt OTA can still connect you with an HD streaming experience that you can’t get anywhere else. TiVo has had years to perfect their delivery method and has developed a great product that caters to the consumer. Christmas will be a whole lot better with access to all of the best holiday programming!

Roku Wireless Speakers

Even after the recent shipping problems resulting in the late arrivals of the Roku Wireless speakers, these are still considered some of the best Roku accessories out there. These speakers allow you to have an immersive listening experience as long as you’re within your Wi-Fi network. Enjoy!

Oculus Rift

Okay, so this may be pushing your budget a bit, but how cool is a virtual reality viewing room with direct access to your bingeworthy shows? That’s right, the Oculus Rift is one of the most advanced virtual reality devices available to those who want to take their cord cutting experience to the next-next level.

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