The Boys on Amazon Prime is Amazing In Every Way

After finishing Season 1, the complexities of the show left me with a slight hangover...

Imagine a world where corporate greed surpasses all other motivations and celebrities are unaccountable. In a not so subtle statement on culture, the comic book turned television series takes potshots at every part of society. The premise of the show is a bit of a twist – what happens when superheroes are bad and regular people are good? Taking it a bit further, are good and bad always opposites?

It’s not the first story with superheroes turned bad, but the series is delivered with the haunting nuance of a great American novel. Without sharing any spoilers, the series explores whether good and bad are always opposites and how quickly naivete is destroyed when confronted with the truth.

Superheroes and superb people

Karl Urban and Jack Quaid team up with their squad of boys to expose the truth about superheroes and their corporate backers after suffering similar personal losses. As the powerless humans take on the Supes, they learn more than they bargained for about what happens behind the scenes of superheroes.

Antony Starr delivers a performance as shockingly good as his superhero character is bad. The Supes are horrifying examples of unrestricted power with just enough vulnerability to make them pitiful yet still depraved.

Constantly shocking

The show irreverently takes on issues of love, revenge, loyalty, truth, and the complexity of relationships with jaw-dropping surprises that leave you alternately reeling from laughter and devastation. Characters suffer brutal circumstances to achieve power. The depths of human greed are juxtaposed against the comradery of a common cause.

While the storyline often seems awful and shocking, those moments fade behind the humanity demonstrated in even the most horrible characters. The writing and acting are superb and impactful.

Series hangover

A show as good The Boys leaves you alternating between desperately wanting to watch the next show and being terrified it’s the last one. After finishing Season 1, the complexities of the show left me with a slight hangover. I can’t start anything new because I’m still processing the first season and eagerly awaiting the second.

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