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The Public Has Spoken: The Best Super Bowl Ads of 2018

Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2018 - Which Ads Were The Best

Cable and other forms of pay-TV haven’t had the best year, and many of their advertisers are feeling the pinch. This led to some of these advertisers going all-out for the spots during the airing of the NFL's spectacle called Super Bowl LII.

The Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event in America, making it a coveted piece of primetime. Over 100 million people—cord cutters and cable subscribers alike—tuned in Sunday evening. Advertisers paid NBC around $5 million for thirty seconds of airtime, and they tried to make it count.

The Super Bowl is one of the only television events where viewers actually enjoy the commercials. Two ads have been named fan favorites so far.

The Winner

The first was one of the only ads to ever equally promote two brands. Mountain Dew and Doritos brought Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage to the screen in an epic lip-syncing rap battle that won them the top spot. Don’t try to imagine it. Seriously, it’s something that you need to see to really enjoy.

Second Place

The second-place position went to Tide. The company’s ad ran for over a minute and managed to transform recognizable ads for other products into their own. This tactic proved to be as effective as it was entertaining and kept the audience guessing up until the very end.

Third Place

There were a few others that deserve to be featured here, including one featuring Danny DeVito personifying an M&M (which works when you think about it).

With cord cutting becoming our preferred way to watch our favorite programming, many advertisers are losing their exposure. Major sporting events and digital media will see a shift in ad space as more consumers say goodbye to traditional pay-TV for good.

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