TiVo launches an ad-supported streaming service: TiVo +

Tivo's latest move is an ad-supported streaming service: TiVo+

TiVo established itself as an industry leader more than twenty years ago by introducing a standalone DVR. More than that, the company disrupted entertainment as we knew it with a groundbreaking UI and the ability to skip commercials. Even though streaming turned the entertainment industry on its head, TiVo is still in the game. The company’s latest move is an ad-supported streaming service: TiVo+.

The new streaming service rolls out in the next few weeks

The TiVo Bolt and the recently announced TiVo EDGE already include access to live television and streaming apps. Owners of these innovative devices can expect even more from their DVR in the next few weeks. Viewers can tune into an exclusive mix of live channels, movies, and more on TiVo+. The free content isn’t first-runs or originals, but it’s an added value for viewers, much like the Roku Channel or Tubi TV.

Viewers can watch ad-supported live TV and movies on TiVo+

At launch, viewers can expect to see 26 channels of live and on-demand videos, shows, and movies. The company announced dedicated channels for Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen | Kitchen Nightmares, programming from TMZ, and Unsolved Mysteries. Other channels will feature news, movies, children’s shows, sports, and more. The company reportedly has deals in the works with popular content providers Newsy, Tastemade, Gannett, and Loop Media to expand programming.

The interface delivers a seamless experience

Although the content is ad-supported and composed of mostly reruns and online videos, TiVo’s core value proposition has never been producing content. The company has consistently excelled at delivering content in a seamless interface that’s easy to use. With TiVo+, customers have an easy way to watch online videos and other viral content without having to launch another app or leave the simple interface. The ads also deliver another revenue stream, which will hopefully keep TiVo in the game for another twenty years.

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