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FandangoNOW isn’t a traditional subscription-based streaming service... it lets you buy the latest movies and TV shows and watch anytime, anywhere, as often as you’d like

If you’re too busy to sit around watching TV, then don’t sign up for an expensive subscription streaming service. There’s no reason to pay as much as $15/month if you don’t have time to enjoy a little passive entertainment. FandangoNOW is the perfect solution for people who only want to pay for what they watch instead of committing to an expensive yearly subscription.

Not a traditional streaming service

Don’t pay for a library of content that you don’t watch. FandangoNOW lets you pick and choose which movies and TV are worth your time. You can still choose from a huge library of classics and new releases that you can watch on-demand whenever you have the time. Watch on a smart TV, streaming device, computer, or phone at home or on the go. The only difference is that you’ll only pay for the titles you watch.

Rent or buy as you go – no subscription needed

FandangoNOW lets you buy the latest movies and TV shows and watch anytime, anywhere, as often as you’d like. Discover binge-worthy hit TV shows you missed from networks like HBO, Showtime, and STARZ. Catch up uninterrupted with commercial-free TV and movies. Stream from the cloud or download shows and movies to your device for offline viewing.

Rent movies that are fresher than the popcorn in the movie theater. Licensing restrictions vary by title, but you’ll usually have 30 days to start watching a rented flick and 48 hours to watch it as many times as you’d like. You can download a rental to a single device, or stream it from any of your devices. Check the movie detail page for specific terms and conditions. TV shows are not eligible for rental.

Sign up for a free account

You can browse the library and watch trailers without an account, but you’ll need to register before you rent or purchase your first title. It’s free and easy to get a Fandango VIP account. Sign up from the website or download the iOS or Android app to create an account. On the web, choose “Join Fandango VIP,” enter your email address, and create a password.

If you already have a Fandango account – no need to set up another one. Your credentials will work for Fandango and FandangoNOW. The cost for rentals or purchases varies by title – you only pay for the movies and TV shows you watch. Watch what you want with no monthly subscription cost and no commitment.

Browse by genre or get recommendations

Search through more than 90,000 movies + TV shows – all subscription-free. FandangoNOW curates selections of movies and TV shows that make it easy to decide what to watch. Choose from traditional movie categories like Family, Action, Romantic Comedies, and Biographies. Or, check out something unexpected in Holiday Horror, or find a bargain flick in Deals. Catch up on popular TV shows like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Outlander, or Poldark.

Watch in stunning clarity

Sony 4K Android TV owners can watch newly released exclusive IMAX Enhanced movies on the streaming service. The collection of films is specially remastered for maximum display, sound, and scale with technology that rivals Dolby Vision HDR. According to IMAX, the titles are optimized to “deliver unparalleled sound and video quality.”

Oculus Go and Quest headset owners can watch every show and movie in the library in crystal-clear VR, including hundreds of 3-D titles like “Spider-Man: Far from Home.” FandangoNOW also has a massive collection of 4K Ultra HD movies, including the latest releases and all-time favorites, to watch in stunning resolution.

Stream movies & TV shows anytime, anywhere

Watch movies and TV shows on a smart TV, on the website on a computer, or use the FandangoNOW app on a streaming device. Watch on your phone, or cast from your iOS or Android device to a big screen.

Your purchases will be available in your library across all supported smart TVs, phones, and tablets. FandangoNOW keeps all of your titles in an easy-to-find library. You won’t pay any monthly subscription fees and setup couldn’t be any easier.

  1. Sign in to your account and select Library from the navigation bar
  2. Choose Movies or **TV Shows **
  3. Tap on the title you want to watch
  4. Click Watch NOW

Download and watch offline or on the go

It’s easy to watch rented or purchased movies and TV shows offline or on the go. Sign in to the iOS or Android FandangoNOW app and download any movies or TV shows.

There are a few restrictions. Downloads are only available for iOS and Android compatible devices. You can’t download a video if you are not in the United States. Once you’ve streamed a rented video, you won’t be able to download it subsequently. Once you download content, you cannot transfer it to another device to play it. You can’t download a movie if you’re simultaneously streaming it.

Device compatibility

Watch premium HDR content and 4K UHD on your biggest or smallest screens. FandangoNOW is compatible with a wide variety of smart TVs and most common internet streaming devices like Roku or Nvidia. You can also cast from a small screen to a bigger one using Chromecast or Airplay. Watch it on Xbox and Oculus game consoles, and using the new Facebook Portal TV.

Pay as you go with FandangoNOW

FandangoNOW isn’t a traditional subscription-based streaming service. With other services like Netflix or Disney Plus, you can only access titles as long as you’re paying a monthly fee. But with FandangoNOW, there are no monthly fees – just pay as you go. Right now, you’ll get 20% off all purchases and rentals for the first 30 days after your first transaction.

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