What is Kodi? – and Should I Get it?

Kodi was created to be a central media hub for everything that the owner of the gaming system might collect or download

Cutting the cord can leave many people searching for ways to continue enjoying the entertainment that they love, at a cost that beats traditional pay-TV. This has led many to seek alternative sources for their movies, shows, and just about anything else that they may be missing.

One name that we’ve heard over and over in different cord cutting circles is “Kodi.” Gamers and computer buffs talk about downloading Kodi onto their newer systems and enjoying movies that haven’t even made it out of theatres yet. If it sounds illegal, then it probably is—right?

The answer to that is complicated. Kodi was originally designed in 2002 for the Microsoft Xbox. It was created to be a central media hub for everything that the owner of the gaming system might collect or download. It’s since moved across other platforms, and can now be downloaded on everything from smartphones to standard PC’s.

The Kodi program itself is not illegal. It’s when it’s used to download programs that aren’t properly purchased that it crosses the line. This creates copyright infringement, and can lead to thousands of dollars in fines—or even jail time under certain circumstances.

This hasn’t deterred many from using the free program to share files, and to download ones that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Programs like Kodi are reminiscent of ones like Napster or Limewire that many of us used a decade or so ago in order to enjoy our favorite songs without paying the price. The technology may have advanced, but the concept really hasn’t.

Anyone looking for a way to organize media using a one-stop program may want to consider Kodi. If you’re looking for a way to access media for free by committing copyright infringement—then you may want to weigh the cost of a defense attorney against that of a few movies or games.

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