You Know It’s Serious When a Lead Network Programmer Cuts the Cord

The convenience of mobile devices combined with that level of flexibility was too good of a deal to pass up for the longtime cable supporter.

According to a report by USA Today, a lead network programmer for some of the most prolific names in television has officially cut the cord. Garth Ancier, the guy responsible for choosing the lineup for cable giants like FOX, NBC, BBC America, and many others announced that he had ditched his expensive cable package just last week.

Ancier is the man who made the decision to move the Simpson’s to Sundays and the West Wing to Wednesdays, and who many of us have to thank for our favorite television decisions. When someone who’s that involved in the cable television industry makes the leap to YouTube TV, it makes a serious statement.

He announced that the $145 a month cable costs were too much and shared his decision to move his service to YouTube TV coupled with subscriptions to services like Hulu and Netflix. Ancier explained to USA Today that he valued the ability to take his television with him anywhere. The convenience of mobile devices combined with that level of flexibility was too good of a deal to pass up for the longtime cable supporter.

“I love that I can watch all of this anywhere on any device,” he said.

Ancier claims that even with a more expensive internet connection, he’s still saving an estimated $40 a month. He shared some of his favorite services during his interview and praised the live television channels available through YouTube TV.

The article explains that many of the traditional pay-TV companies have created a number of products to compete with streaming services, but many are still struggling to keep up. The portability of the other options may be the biggest draw (aside from the savings) for many subscribers.

People live busier lives than they have at any other time in history. They’re constantly on the go and have learned to experience the world alongside a myriad of mobile devices. Being able to take their favorite shows with them is a huge plus, and one that keeps many people hooked on more flexible entertainment options.

Ancier’s switch to YouTube TV has created an increased interest in the ever-evolving service. What started as a viewer-run video service has grown into an entertainment powerhouse that provides access to around 50-channels from major networks. Many are taking notice of the offerings, and YouTube TV has become a major contender in the world of alternative viewing.

As options like this start to grow, we can expect to see even more people stepping away from their commitment to traditional cable. This bodes well for the future of streaming services and for cord cutters everywhere.

Everyone’s doing it, and this may be one time that giving into peer pressure can save you money and improve your access to great entertainment! Do you have a favorite service yet?

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