The Absolute Best Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

The NoCable Indoor TV Antenna: We couldn't find the perfect antenna, so we built it ourselves.
NoCable Indoor TV Antenna
Model NC-001-IND

 This antenna comes with full support including access to our NoCable Antenna Experts via our support documentation.

    • Features:
    • 4K UHD Ready
    • UHF and VHF Capable
    • Designed in the USA by antenna experts
    • 12 ft high performance cable included with 1 year parts warranty
    • Installation Booklet
FrequencyVHF 47-230MHz, UHF 470-862 MHz
GainVHF 15dB, UHF 15dB
Power AdapterDC 5V USB (UL Listed)

NoCable Indoor TV Antenna Photo Review

This antenna is a perfect mix of quality and performance at an affordable price. Over the last couple years, we have reviewed almost every major TV antenna on the market for our readers. While there were some quality antennas out there, we felt we could do better... so we did.

We firmly believe that the NoCable Indoor TV Antenna is the absolute best 50-mile antenna on the market today. We spent a year designing and tweaking our product to specifically work in the rural and suburban areas of the United States.

Ultra HD Picture Quality

The NoCable Indoor TV Antenna is one of the top 4K HD ready digital antennas on the market today. Our antenna provides true 1080p or 4K HD-quality picture like no Cable TV provider can touch.

It is a little-known secret that TV over a 4K ready antenna is actually measurably better than when you receive that same channel through your cable provider. Cable companies compress data to save money, resulting in a poorer quality picture.

NoCable Indoor TV Antenna - 1080p and 4K UHD Compatible
NoCable Indoor TV Antenna - Toolless Installation

Tool-less Installation

We've designed this antenna with you in mind.

With the pre-drilled holes and supplied thumbtacks or our unique easy-turn coaxial cable connectors, you will need a grand total of zero tools to hang and install the NoCable Indoor TV Antenna antenna.

Ultra Flat & Reversible

Coming in at just 1/16th of an inch thick, our reversible antenna is one of the thinnest on the market today. This means that you can hang or hide it without any of the complications of our much bulkier competitors.

Our antenna is also paintable, which means if either our white or black side does not fit your home's decor, you can simply paint it the same color as your walls!

NoCable Indoor TV Antenna - Ultra Flat
NoCable Indoor TV Antenna - Awesome US Support

USA Supported

NoCable products are designed and tested right here in the USA. No other antenna comes close to the support that offers. Check out our support documentation here..

Look at many of the photos, product listings or instructions of our competitor's antennas. They are filled with misspellings, typos and odd punctuation. If a company cannot be bothered to sell their product with correct grammar, why would you trust them with your money?

Quality Materials

NoCable spared no expense when developing the NoCable Indoor TV Antenna antenna. Every component was chosen for its performance, design and durability.

While other antenna manufacturers cut corners to save costs, our priority was first and foremost on providing the highest quality product on the market.

NoCable Indoor TV Antenna - Quality Materials

Sustainability Pledge

NoCable is dedicated to also doing the right thing for the environment. For every 1,000 antennas NoCable produces, we also purchase 2 metric tonnes of carbon offsets from Terrapass to help fund emission reduction projects and help local communities.

Have a look at our latest purchase certificate if you want to double check for yourself :)