Support: NoCable Antenna Preamplifier

Model: NC-002-002

This over-the-air TV antenna amplifier - built by NoCable (a cord-cutting leader) is a perfect mix of quality and performance at a low price. When your indoor or outdoor antenna has periodic breakup/pixelation of channels or one or two channels that do not come in perfect. This 4G-filtered amplifier will help remove those issues when possible. This preamplifier amplifies weak signals right below the antenna, getting higher signal-to-noise ratio. It is a must for weak channels if running a long cable or splitting signals into multiple TV. Receive better and more stable reception in poor weather conditions as well!

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Installation & Troubleshooting Steps:

Preamplifier Installation

  1. Connect the coaxial cable coming from your antenna to the ANT input on the NoCable Preamplifier.
  2. IMPORTANT: There should be no device (splitter, TV, etc) between the antenna and this preamplifier! Any foreign device between the preamp and the antenna will prevent the amp from working.
  3. Connect your TVs or set-top boxes to the preamplifier's TV1 and TV2 output connections.
  4. Adjust the NoCable Preamplifier's strength (or gain) by slowly turning the gain control knob. Turn counterclockwise to decrease the gain level. Turn clockwise to increase the gain level.

Package Includes:

Product Specifications:

FrequencyVHF 47-230MHz, UHF 470-862 MHz
GainVHF 15dB, UHF 20dB per split (adjustable)

Preamplifier Closeup

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