Antop UFO Omni Outdoor Antenna Review

This is a personal review of the Antop UFO Omni Outdoor/Indoor Antenna (AT-414b)

The ANTOP UFO Antenna was provided to me for review a couple weeks ago. This antenna is a much bigger outdoor antenna, so it took much longer for me to install and test it.

As you can see from the photos below, the ANTOP sleek packaging looks much nicer than some of the other antennas I’ve reviewed. While I am fully aware that beautiful packaging is not always indicative of a product’s quality, in this case it was.

The sleek, shiny and sturdy UFO antenna is certainly a sight to behold. While the shape won’t be for everyone, it is still small enough to tuck onto the side of a deck post or your home.


Ok, so back to the installation. Installing the ANTOP UFO antenna was certainly not as simple as pinning an indoor antenna up on your wall, but this was still easy enough none-the-less. I decided to install it to on the side of my front porch. I had to find my own screws and washers to use to attach it, but that was a minor problem (I always have extra stuff like that laying around everywhere). This antenna is light enough that I could hold it with one hand and hold my power screw-driver in the other. A couple seconds later, I had all four screws in place and that antenna wasn’t budging.

So I was pretty luck with the next step of the installation. Since I used to have DirecTV, I already had a coaxial cable connection on the outside of my house. I connected the extremely long 33′ foot coaxial cable ANTOP provided right to my DirecTV connection. From there, I went into my basement and connected their amplifier/4G filter contraption to my internal cable system (don’t judge my cable-mess!).


Connecting everything up to my home’s internal cable system allowed me to feed the channels captured from this antenna to all the rooms that have those TV jacks inside of them. This is awesome, and may actually get me to switch from my beloved Mohu.

In terms of performance, it was just fine at my ~45 mile distance. I was not able to test the ANTOP UFO at the max distance of 55-65 it says it can handle. Regardless, I got every channel my Mohu gets me, which is all I can ask for with any antenna I test.