HD Frequency Cord Cutter Antenna Review

This is a personal review of the HD Frequency Cord Cutter (CC-17)

When I received the HD Frequency Cord Cutter Antenna in the mail to review, the first thing that blew me away was how well built this thing was. I have reviewed a lot of other TV antennas, but this one in completely unique in every way imaginable.

The minute I saw this antenna advertised on Amazon, I knew this was an antenna I needed to see first hand. Thankfully, the fine folks at HD Frequency were more than happy to provide me a demo unit so that I could share my experience with all my NoCable.org readers.


Installation of the HD Frequency Cord Cutter Antenna was mostly a breeze. The only trouble I had was that connecting the coaxial cable they provided to the antenna was a little bit of a challenge. I didn’t want to twist the dongle on the antenna, but every time I tried to turn the coaxial cable nut, the dongle attached to the antenna would also twist (see image below). Thankfully this is only a one-time hassle, and is not anything remotely major.

One thing to note for anyone purchasing this antenna: Please be sure to attach it securely to your wall. This antenna is so solidly built that – if not secured to your wall properly – could fall quite easily under its own weight. There is a price to pay for stunning good looks, and this is it. The Mohu Leaf I own has an almost non-existent weight to it when compared to this HD Frequency Cord Cutter.


I live an average of 43 miles away the local TV stations I want to receive. This means that I am nearly at this antenna’s max range of 50 miles. I watched the full Pittsburgh Steelers game on CBS with this antenna, with no hiccups or disruptions encountered. The HD Frequency Cord Cutter did have trouble with getting my troublesome ABC channel, but that is common among antennas that I test at home. It should be noted that my Mohu Leaf 50 gets this channel, which is why I docked this antenna .5 stars in its review.

Conclusion: This is a beautiful antenna, and could easily be confused with a piece of art hanging on your wall. It does not look like an antenna, or at least nothing it looks nothing like the leaf antennas you see everywhere nowadays. For all the channels it found, they came in crystal clear.