Sobetter 50 Miles Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

This is a personal review of the Sobetter 50 Miles Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

Right off the bat with the Sobetter antenna (model S020), I was blown away at its size. At first I thought maybe it was just the box for the amplifier or cables. But nope–it was the whole thing. Because of the size, I decided to test this out upstairs in my bedroom because it has a smaller TV which is hung on the wall (with limited space around it). If I was going to use this antenna, this was the place I was going to do it.


This Sobetter antenna came with essentially the same exact setup instructions as many other antennas, but that is not necessarily a problem. They do their job, and when I made my way through the TV menus to have it begin scanning for OTA channels, they started popping up immediately. After about 7 minutes (I tested this on a slightly older Sharp TV), it completed and said that it found 28 channels for me. Wahoo!


I’ve gotten enough antennas throughout my time at to know when a company puts some effort into designing their antenna or if they simply found the first Chinese supplier and said “I’ll take that one.” This antenna looks completely different from all the others I have tested (definitely not in a bad way).

This Sobetter antenna had detailed (and branded) packaging to go along with its very non-traditional size. The “leaf” portion of the antenna is only 9×2 inches, so it is definitely a great antenna for those compact locations where a larger TV antenna will not fit.

It actually looks pretty good too. Shiny and black – just like the chassis of my TV, so it blends in quite well when sitting on top of it.


To be honest, I was afraid I was going to have to redo this test on my downstairs TV. The TV downstairs is where I tested the Mohu (and others), and it allows the antenna to face the correct direction according to my NoCable Report (SW). However, upstairs in my bedroom, I didn’t have that luxury–it had to face west.

To my surprise, all the same channels as my Mohu downstairs came in except the Pittsburgh ABC station, which is not surprising considering it is the one that is the furthest away from my home. CBS, Fox and NBC all come in crystal clear.