WSKY Transparent 60+ Mile Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

This is a personal review of the WSKY Transparent 60+ Mile Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna
Our Rating: (1.5/5)
 Pros:Got a few channels
 Cons:Cheap Materials; Poor Instructions
Review Date:March, 2018
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I was sent a WSKY Transparent Antenna from a customer that wanted me to review it since they see NoCable as a trusted expert in TV antennas.

Right away - knowing flat "mudflap" antennas as well as I do - I immeidately was skeptical of the 60 mile range it was advertising. 50 miles is hard to do with an antenna like this, let alone 60.


A few things I didn't like right off the bat about this antenna:

  • The antenna wasn't completely transparent. It had an off color to it (which you can see from my photos)
  • The coaxial cable is very, very thin.
  • The coaxial cable is permanently affixed to the antenna.

Aside from the above problems, I was able to get it hooked up and running.


This WSKY antenna did not come with holes or pins, so the only way to attach it was through adhesive tape. As I mentioned above, I did not care for the color on this transparent antenna, but that is much more of a personal preference.


This antenna did not perform as well as the NoCable, Mohu or Winegard indoor flat antennas that I've had the privilege of testing. It did not pull in PBS, ABC or FOX at my home, which are channels that the other high quality indoor antennas have been able to capture.

Bottom line is that there is no way this antenna has a 60-mile range except under perfect circumstances like a wide open field between the house and the tower they are attempting to receive channels from.

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