Zwireless 50 Miles Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

This is a personal review of the Zwireless 50 Miles Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

I reached out to Zwireless a couple weeks ago and offered to review their antenna for NoCable. They happily sent me a free 50-mile amplified antenna in order to facilitate this review. I am very thankful for their generosity.


As what’s become the norm – the setup process was pretty straightforward. There were instructions with the antenna, but I didn’t need to reference them. As with the Happycamping antenna, I did notice that the coaxial cables provided with this antenna were not as high-quality as the ones provided with my Mohu.


The Zwireless antenna is branded with their logo, and has a faint outline of an “antenna-pattern” on its leaf section. I do not think this pattern has any functional qualities, as all the other antennas I have reviewed never had those lines.


This antenna from Zwireless picked up all local channels except for my ABC station. While this station is the furthest from my home, it was able to be picked up by most of the other antennas I have reviewed. This channel wasn’t pixelated or choppy – it simply was not there. I tried a few different locations and angles, but the channel refused to show up.

Aside from that minor problem, the antenna performed like it would be expected to. All my other channels were crystal clear and did not cut out once during my testing.