As streaming becomes more and more popular among cord cutters, these services are starting to carry live local  TV channels just like Cable TV always has. Streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Sling and AT&T TV Now usually have free trials and a month-to-month contracts. Many of these streams can be easily watched on a smartphone, Fire TV, Roku, or Smart TV device.

So if a TV antenna will not work for your situation, consider subscribing to one of the streaming services below if they meet your channel and budget needs.

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So which streaming service should you choose?

facebook_share_thumb_default_huluHulu Live is different from the video-on-demand service that goes by a similarly named “Hulu” – although you can purchase a bundle that has both. There is an extensive list of local channels available, probably only second to YouTube TV.

Youtube TVYouTube has quickly become the go-to name in streaming due to is extensive channel list. However, this comes at a cost of being one of the most expensive services available, and even more so once you begin upgrading packages.

AT&T TV NowAT&T TV Now used to be DirecTV Now, but the service is still the same. AT&T TV Now has a lot of local channels, but not as many as YouTube or Hulu Live. They also have plenty of regional sports networks.

Sling TVSling keeps their rates the lowest by offering only a small handful of local channels. If your location is lucky enough to be in their coverage area, then this might be the perfect solution for you.

Fubo TVfuboTV started out as a soccer (futball) network, and has quickly blossomed into a full-featured streaming service complete with many local TV stations. This service should do well for those who want local channels and national sports not found elsewhere.

CBS All AccessCBS All Access only has CBS content, but it is by-far the cheapest if that is the only local channel you need. As an added bonus, CBS All Access is beginning to have original programming not shown anywhere else.

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In order to stream local channels such as NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC you will need a streaming device that connects to the internet and your TV.

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A good internet connection is absolutely necessary if you plan to stream any amount of TV. A quality home router goes a long way in having a quality streaming experience.

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