WIAT HDTV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WIAT HDTV in the Birmingham Ann/Tusc Area

This is the WIAT HDTV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Birmingham Ann/Tusc Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

10:35 PMJeopardy! 
The Peabody Award-winning "answer-and-question" quiz show is hosted by Alex Trebek.
11:05 PMMadam Secretary 
Elizabeth must salvage a deal with a military contractor by supplying fighter jets to Taiwan, but she risks triggering a war with China in the process. Also, Daisy gets frustrated with Matt for failing to help take care of her dog like he promised.
12:05 AMNCIS: New Orleans 
The NCIS team investigates the murder of Patton's friend, a former Navy Seal gunned down in a drive-by shooting while Patton helplessly watched.
1:05 AMPaid Programming 
Paid Programming.
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2:05 AMET Entertainment Tonight    new  
3:05 AMPaid Programming 
Paid Programming.
3:30 AMCooking with Emeril 
Replace those counter cluttering appliances with Emeril 360!
4:00 AMPaid Programming 
Paid Programming.
4:30 AMSeeking the Lost 
5:00 AMCBS42 Morning News with Art Franklin 5A    new  
Local news, weather and sports.
6:00 AMCBS42 Morning News with Art Franklin 6A    new  
Local news, weather and sports.
7:00 AMHope in the Wild 
A rescued grey squirrel named Lexus finds itself at the center of legal red tape and becomes one of Hope's longest tenured patients, while an injured woodpecker wreaks havoc on its rehab unit. (New)
7:30 AMBest Friends FURever with Kel Mitchell 
An injured goose finds the ability to heal with the comfort of a helpful horse. Plus, a dog and a coatimundi will travel any distance for play date.
8:00 AMCBS Sunday Morning    new  
9:30 AMFace the Nation    new  
10:00 AMDawson Memorial Church 

How to Watch WIAT HDTV

Because WIAT HDTV is a local broadcast channel, there is a good chance you are one of the 90% of households that can receive this channel for free with a TV antenna. We have a report that shows you what to expect if you installed a TV within your home.

If an antenna doesn't work for you, then live streaming may be the answer. Many live streaming services such as YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Sling and AT&T TV Now have local channels on their service at drastically cheaper prices compared to what your local Cable TV provider offers. Check this report to see if you can stream WIAT HDTV locally.