WIAT Justice Network TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WIAT Justice Network in the Birmingham Ann/Tusc Area

This is the WIAT Justice Network TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Birmingham Ann/Tusc Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

3:00 AMNew Detectives 
Examining how insects can aid in forensic investigations, sometimes proving the time of death in a homicide.
4:00 AMMain Street Mysteries 
The 2007 murder of Donna Paradis and the investigation that nabbed her killer.
4:30 AMMain Street Mysteries 
The disappearance and murder of firefighter Nemecio Nandin is detailed.
5:00 AM    new  
6:00 AMBizarre Murders 
A woman portrayed as the brave survivor of a brutal attack is charged with killing her coworker over a tank top and staging the entire crime.
6:30 AMBizarre Murders 
A barfly survives multiple attempts on his life, unaware that his 'friends' are trying to kill him so they can cash in his insurance policy.
7:00 AMDeadly Motives 
The nightstalker: Richard Ramirez.
8:00 AMCrime Stories 
The 1996 murder of a prostitute in Saskatchewan, Canada, is recounted.
9:00 AMCrime Stories 
A 1951 murder that led to a revenge killing by a relative of the victim is recounted.
10:00 AMNew Detectives 
Criminal investigations involving teenage murderers. Included: a body found shot to death in a lake; a woman found strangled.
11:00 AMNew Detectives 
A decade-old homicide in which the body showed no signs of a struggle. Also: a missing corpse complicates a murder investigation.
12:00 PMCold Case Files 
The 1988 murder of actress Myra Davis, Janet Leigh's stand-in for “Psycho,” is solved in 2001. Also: a phone tip helps close a cold case.
1:00 PMCold Case Files 
Murders involving children are solved, including the strangulation death of a 4-year-old girl. Host: Bill Kurtis.
2:01 PMCruise Ship Killers 
3:00 PMDominick Dunne 
On July 9, 1985 in Naples, Florida, a car exploded. It was carrying millionaire tobacco heiress Margaret Benson, her daughter Carol Lynn, and her adopted son Scott; only Carol Lynn survived. The police focus their investigation on Steven, Benson's eldest son, who was only yards away from the explosion. He stood to inherit nearly $10 million of the family's fortune. In August, 1986, after a sensational murder trial, Steven Benson, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

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