WUOA Cozi TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WUOA Cozi TV in the Birmingham Ann/Tusc Area

This is the WUOA Cozi TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Birmingham Ann/Tusc Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

11:00 PMThe Bionic Woman 
Jaime tries to stop a candidate from rigging an election. Dan O'Herlihy, Raymond St. Jacques, Joan Pringle.
12:00 AMThe Bionic Woman 
In West Germany, Jaime recruits Evel Knievel's help. Bernard Behrens, Spencer Milligan, Lindsay Wagner.
1:00 AMHart to Hart 
A friend---and his hotel room---vanish. Jean Pierre Aumont, Jean Claudio, Patrick Romano, Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers.
2:00 AMHart to Hart 
An old acquaintance bets he can break up the Harts' marriage. Nicolas Coster, Louise Sorel, Michael Lerner, Robert Wagner.
3:00 AMMurdoch Mysteries 
Mark Twain makes controversial comments at a Toronto speaking engagement, leading to threats against him. Murdoch and his team must protect the writer.
4:00 AMEasy Workout Secret! 
Tone your whole body with little effort with the new Power Fit Extreme.
5:00 AMMy Favorite Martian 
Martin thinks he has made contact with a Martian space patrol. Martin: Ray Walston. Tim: Bill Bixby. Shorty: Guy Marks.
5:30 AMMy Favorite Martian 
Mrs. Brown's a piano virtuoso after taking a Martian drug.
6:00 AMMy Favorite Martian 
Mrs. Brown is deluged with suitors after dousing herself with Martian “irresistible spray.”
6:30 AMMy Favorite Martian 
In Mexico, Tim and Martin witness the opening of an ancient box. Martin: Ray Walston. Tim: Bill Bixby. Police Chief: Dan Seymour.
7:00 AMThe Voyager With Josh Garcia 
Josh's ship docks in Savona, Italy, a gateway to the Italian Riviera, and he explores the nearby hill towns of Noli and Finalborgo by bike for breathtaking views of the Mediterranean coastline. Accompanied by a local guide, he learns about the building of medieval castles and towers. Next, he dives into the Mediterranean Sea to explore a unique scuba destination and underwater research project. Guided inside one of six biospheres, Josh learns how plants are being grown as part of an experiment.
7:30 AMEarth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer 
Host Dylan Dreyer travels to the watery kingdom of Cambodia, where he explores the low-lying plains and the Mekong River. At the Tonlé Sap, the Asian elephant shows how it uses water to survive. Also: the ruins of Angkor; and how macaques conquered it.
8:00 AMConsumer 101 
What happens to sound in an anechoic chamber, a room with no echo. Then, host Jack Rico learns all about modern car safety features with the help of Consumer Reports experts. And Jack finds out the dos and don'ts of preparing a meal safely.
8:30 AMNaturally, Danny Seo 
Danny Seo makes a facial cleanser, carrot tartine, strudel, ice-pop sticks, and a home freshener.
9:00 AMVets Saving Pets 
King, a chocolate Labrador, has tiny bone fragments in his elbow area after slipping on ice. With the aid of a small camera inserted into King's knee, Dr. Devon Boyd attempts to remove the fragments. Then, a sad case of neglect comes to the VEC with Rocky the dog, who has developed a severe skin infection due to unchecked demodex mites. Dr. Barbara Bryer runs a blood test to determine Rocky's breed and figure out a treatment to get him back to 100%..
9:30 AMThe Champion Within 
A profile of cyclist John Degenkolb. Also: a look at a family who have dedicated their lives to horse training and racing.
10:00 AMThe Office 
The staffers raise spirits at a happy hour, but complications spill over when an ill-behaving Michael is ousted from the bar. Meanwhile, Andy and Erin try to keep a secret; and Dwight reconsiders his "prenatal contract" with Angela.
10:30 AMThe Office 
Andy tries to give Erin a special Secretary's Day, but Michael lets slip about Andy's past romance with Angela. Meanwhile, Oscar creates a viral video that equates Kevin's voice with Cookie Monster's voice.
11:00 AMThe Office 
Pam and Jim team up for their first sales pitch. They deliver it to the manager of a hot spot, resulting in mix-ups when Michael has difficulty deciphering body language. Meanwhile, Dwight pushes Kelly to participate in the minority training program.
11:30 AMThe Office 
Michael believes his girlfriend (Amy Pietz) is cheating on him, so he enlists Dwight to snoop. Elsewhere, Andy receives a customer complaint and grows frustrated when none of his fellow staffers seem to care.

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