WUOA Get TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WUOA Get TV in the Birmingham Ann/Tusc Area

This is the WUOA Get TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Birmingham Ann/Tusc Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

2:00 PMGuns of Paradise 
Ben and George follow a treasure map with bandits hot on their heels.
3:00 PMHawkeye 
Hawkeye rescues a kidnapped settler, and kills the abductor in the process. Jill Teed, Lee Horsley, Eli Gabay.
4:00 PMBret Maverick 
The town calls in the cavalry after an apparent Apache attack on a stagecoach. Monte Markham, Peggy Walton-Walker, James Garner.
5:00 PMBret Maverick 
A crooked magician wants to work the Red Ox without Bret watching him. Cliff Potts, Sara Rush, Sid Haig, James Garner.
6:00 PMWalker, Texas Ranger 
Heroin smugglers besiege Walker and his friends, one of whom is critically wounded. Lewis Van Bergen, Ashley Wood. Walker: Chuck Norris.
7:00 PMWalker, Texas Ranger 
A Moscow cop helps nail a Russian mobster. Chuck Norris, Elya Baskin, Peter Lucas.
8:00 PMWalker, Texas Ranger 
Walker tries to free a boy trapped in a drain and track bank robbers at the same time. Chuck Norris, Tony Becker, Trenton Terrell.
9:00 PMThe Johnny Cash Show 
Merle Haggard and Anne Murray are spotlighted.
10:00 PMThe Johnny Cash Show 
The Everly Brothers and Roy Orbison are featured.
11:00 PMMarried...With Children 
Kelly auditions to represent a food, which could mean a year's supply of it for Al, if Peg keeps her hands off it. Ray Girardin.
11:30 PMMarried...With Children 
Bud and Kelly seek gainful employment, but only Bud gains, while Kelly baby-sits the family from hell.
12:00 AMMarried...With Children 
Part 1 of two. The Bundys move into a supermarket to escape hot weather---and hot neighbors suffering from a Bundy-based blackout.
12:30 AMMarried...With Children 
Conclusion. The contest winner is determined in a shopping-spree war between the Bundys and the D'Arcys. Jerry Mathers has a cameo.

How to Watch WUOA Get TV

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