WGWG Decades TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WGWG Decades in the Charleston Area

This is the WGWG Decades TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Charleston Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

7:30 PMThe Best of the Ed Sullivan Show 
The Byrds; Petula Clark; Rudy Schweitzer; Glenn Yarbrough; Barbara McNair; Jackie Vernon; Two Carmenas.
8:00 PMThrough the Decades 
The 1950s through the 1990s are explored through pop culture stories and major world events.
9:00 PMThe Dick Cavett Show 
An interview with Jack Paar in 1972.
10:00 PMThe Dick Van Dyke Show 
Alan asks Rob to ghostwrite a comedy show. Strother Martin, Richard Erdman, Carl Reiner, Dick Van Dyke, Sandy Kenyon.
10:30 PMThe Dick Van Dyke Show 
Rob and Laura get black dye on their hands just prior to a formal dinner.
11:00 PMCheers 
Part 1 of two. The gang thinks Cliff killed Ma; Rebecca believes Mr. Gaines has asked her out. Frances Sternhagen, Richard Doyle.
11:30 PMCheers 
Conclusion. The gang learns what happened to Cliff's mom; Rebecca makes a fool out of herself at Mr. Gaines' party. Richard Doyle.
12:00 AMTaxi 
Conclusion. As Cab 804 gets mended, the cabbies reminisce. Tom Selleck, Judd Hirsch, Andy Kaufman, Randall Carver.
12:30 AMThe Bob Newhart Show 
Bob can't tell his mom he loves her. Martha Scott, Suzanne Pleshette, Marilyn Child.
1:00 AMThe Lost Honeymooners 
It's husbands versus wives when Ed and Alice move out.
1:30 AMGet Smart 
Max guards a Columbus descendant. Vito Scotti, Oscar Beregi, Billy Barty.
2:00 AMThe Phil Silvers Show 
Colonel Hall---or a look-alike---turns the officers' club into a casino. Phil Silvers, Paul Ford, Harvey Lembeck.
2:30 AMCar 54, Where Are You? 
A barbershop-quartet contest. Jan Murray, Joe E. Ross, Fred Gwynne, Florence Robinson, Gerald Hilken, Jim Gormley.
3:00 AMThe Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 
Dobie fancies the daughter of his father's rival. Cindy Conroy, Herb Ellis, Dwayne Hickman.
3:30 AMAbbott and Costello 
The boys take over as psychiatrists.
4:00 AMOur Miss Brooks 
Conklin enforces new rules aginst tardiness---just before Connie takes sleeping pills by mistake. Connie: Eve Arden. Conklin: Gale Gordon. Mr. Boynton: Robert Rockwell.
4:30 AMOur Miss Brooks 
Mr. Boynton assumes the role of school chef when students go on strike for better food. Connie: Eve Arden. Mr. Boynton: Robert Rockwell. Conklin: Gale Gordon.
5:00 AMDark Shadows 
5:30 AMDark Shadows 
6:00 AMThe Millionaire 
A detective searches for a distraught young bride-to-be (Jean Byron) who's unaware that she's now $1,000,000 richer. Dr. Scott: Richard Garland. Harper: John Howard. Anthony: Marvin Miller.
6:30 AMThe Millionaire 
A schoolteacher (Ellen Corby) spends her money to buy a boxer's contract.
7:00 AMThe Best of the Ed Sullivan Show 
A look at the Canestrellis, the Temptations, Buddy Rich, Bill Medley, John Byner, Floyd Patterson, Marilyn Maye, and Sammy King.
7:30 AMThe Best of the Ed Sullivan Show 
Janet Blair; Hank Williams Jr.; Rene Levand; Billy Reed; Lawrence and Carroll; Jerry Vale; Otto Preminger; and the Angels.

How to Watch WGWG Decades

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