MY Z TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for MY Z TV in the Charleston

This is the MY Z TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Charleston. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

1:00 PMGunsmoke 
Matt's got his hands full with no sleep for 36 hours. Willie Ames, Leo Gordon, Shug Fisher,James Arness, Amanda Blake.
2:00 PMBonanza 
A woman struggles to protect her gold mine. Ida Lupino, Alan Hale, John Patrick.
3:00 PMThe Rifleman 
A Mexican family is the target of bigotry. Perry Lopez, Chana Eden, Stu Randall.
3:30 PMThe Rifleman 
Mark and an outlaw are bitten by an infected horse. Robert J. Wilke, Edgar Buchanan, Johnny Crawford.
4:00 PMWagon Train 
Wooster dotes on an annoying actress. Janis Paige, H.M. Wynant, Don Megowan.
5:00 PMAdam-12 
Expectant father Reed faces a nerve-jangling day. Foster Brooks, Michael Freeman, Kent McCord, Martin Milner.
5:30 PMAdam-12 
An ex-junkie is suspected of assault and robbery. Robert Donner, John Kerr, Barney Phillips, Martin Milner, Kent McCord.
6:00 PMThe Addams Family 
Part 1 of 2. Morticia and Gomez's 13th anniversary is celebrated. Carolyn Jones, John Astin, Jackie Coogan.
6:30 PMHappy Days 
Jenny's required to steal a park statue as a club initiation. Phil Silvers, Cathy Silvers, Ed Peck.
7:00 PMM*A*S*H 
Hawkeye writes another letter home to his father. Alex Henteloff, Odessa Cleveland, Gail Bowman, Alan Alda, Wayne Rogers.
7:30 PMM*A*S*H 
A pair of long johns is a hot commodity in the cold Korean winter. Kathleen King. This was the first episode written by Alan Alda.
8:00 PMThe Andy Griffith Show 
Bee's old flame returns to Mayberry and rekindles their relationship, but Andy can't stand the man. Wallace Ford, Frances Bavier.
8:30 PMThe Andy Griffith Show 
Barney tries to turn a mutt into a police dog and uses him to help track down a crook. Arthur Batanides, James Seay, Brad Trumbull.
9:00 PMGomer Pyle, USMC 
A wreck leads to litigation for Carter. Michael Forest, Frank Sutton, Jim Nabors.
9:30 PMGreen Acres 
Joe Carson is a failure as a fire chief. Edgar Buchanan, Frank Cady, Pat Buttram, Eddie Albert, Eva Gabor.
10:00 PMHogan's Heroes 
The search is on for bomb blueprints. Leon Askin, Richard Dawson, Bob Crane.
10:30 PMHogan's Heroes 
Klink appears in an incriminating photo. Sandy Kenyon, Diana Chesney, Werner Klemperer, Bob Crane.
11:00 PMCarol Burnett and Friends 
11:30 PMPerry Mason 
The odds are stacked against an accused murderer. Rhodes Reason, Mary Mitchell, Steve Harris.
12:30 AMThe Twilight Zone 
Jack Klugman as a father with regrets after learning his son has been seriously wounded in combat. Bob Diamond, Billy Mumy.
1:00 AMAlfred Hitchcock Presents 
A woman decides to leave her jealous husband. Katharine Bard, James Best, Steve Brodie.

How to Watch MY Z TV

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