WTZP Antenna TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WTZP Antenna TV in the Charleston

This is the WTZP Antenna TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Charleston. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

1:30 PMI Dream of Jeannie 
The day all displeased masters may banish their genies. Virginia Ann Ford, Willy Koopman, Larry Hagman, Bill Daily.
2:00 PMBewitched 
Trouble with a lovesick warlock. Hal England, David White, Dick Sargent.
2:30 PMBewitched 
Sam is trapped in 17th-century Salem. Roland Long, Alice Ghostley, Dick Sargent.
3:00 PMThat Girl 
A political argument erupts at a party. Marlo Thomas, Ted Bessell, Lew Parker, Rosemary De Camp.
3:30 PMThat Girl 
Ann meets an attentive new tenant in her building. Marlo Thomas, Ted Bessell, Renzo Cesana.
4:00 PMThree's Company 
Roper gives Jack $50 to take out his niece. Norman Fell, Christina Hart, John Ritter.
4:30 PMThree's Company 
The trio hides a stray puppy from Roper. Norman Fell, John Ritter, Audra Lindley.
5:00 PMGimme a Break! 
Part 1 of two. Nell and Addy win a trip to New York. Ed Koch, Pat Sajak, Nell Carter, Telma Hopkins.
5:30 PMGimme a Break! 
Conclusion. Nell and Addy try to ditch the cocaine. Tony Randall, Ric Mancini, Telma Hopkins, Nell Carter.
6:00 PMOne Day at a Time 
While the men fish, the women discuss marriage. Valerie Bertinelli, Bonnie Franklin.
6:30 PMOne Day at a Time 
A Soviet athlete wants to marry Schneider. Pat Harrington, Marta Fergusson, Bonnie Franklin.
7:00 PMAlice 
Jolene's brother visits and gets an icy reception. Guich Koock, Celia Weston, Beth Howland, Linda Lavin.
7:30 PMAlice 
Alice claims that she saw a UFO. Linda Lavin, Elvia Allman, James O'Sullivan.
8:00 PMBarney Miller 
A vice cop posing as a pusher tries to bribe the detectives. Luis Avalos, George Loros, Marya Small, Joey Aresco, Jack Soo.
8:30 PMBarney Miller 
Mental patients run amok in an automat. Tom Lacy, Susan Davis, George Skaff.
9:00 PMThe Jeffersons 
A businessmen's award holds less honor than George thought. Bob Gorman, Don Potter, Franklin Cover, Sherman Hemsley.
9:30 PMThe Jeffersons 
Lionel is up to his ears in fatherhood advice. Earl Boen, Roxie Roker, Franklin Cover, Berlinda Tolbert, Mike Evans.
10:00 PMJohnny Carson 
Kate Capshaw; Bobby Kelton; Ed Begley Jr.
11:00 PMCoach 
Hayden has a hangup when a player comes out of the closet. Rob Youngblood, Craig T. Nelson, Clare Carey.
11:30 PMCoach 
Hayden buys a house without asking Christine. Peggy Doyle, Bill Fagerbakke, Clare Carey, Shelley Fabares.
12:00 AMArchie Bunker's Place 
Bar employees strike for union status. Lane Brinkley, Heidi Hagman.
12:30 AMArchie Bunker's Place 
A health inspector shows more interest in Veronica than in violations at the bar. Paul Sylvan, Anne Meara, Abraham Alvarez.
1:00 AMMaude 
Maude has a new job, but Walter wants a nonworking wife. Tom Pedi, Priscilla Morrill, Beatrice Arthur, Bill Macy.
1:30 AMMaude 
Maude struggles with her double standards when Carol invites her boyfriend to stay over.

How to Watch WTZP Antenna TV

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