WTZP Court TV Mystery TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WTZP Court TV Mystery in the Charleston

This is the WTZP Court TV Mystery TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Charleston. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

4:00 AMCrime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen 
A boyfriend is under suspicion when his girlfriend goes missing; a hero judge leaves the bench to help a bailiff control a defiant defendant.
5:00 AMCrime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen 
A woman is accused of faking a cancer diagnosis to steal almost half-a-million dollars from several boyfriends. Also: host Chris Hansen goes on a new sting.
6:00 AMBorn Behind Bars 
Brandi struggles to get ready for her parole hearing and possible release; three inmates vie for the new and highly coveted Nanny position, but a mean-girl clique has strong opinions on who should win; and Donyell gives birth to a baby girl.
7:00 AMBorn Behind Bars 
Stakes run high as Brandi finally goes before a hostile parole board to plead her case; two pregnant inmates apply for the Wee Ones program which has only one open spot; and Maranda goes through a bitter breakup with her girlfriend.
8:00 AMBorn Behind Bars 
Brandi wins parole, but life outside the prison walls is hard for her and daughter; Stephanie's family visits; and baby Abigail gets to meet her two big brothers for the first time.
9:00 AMCrime 360 
Richmond detectives investigate a murder in which the person was stuffed in the trunk of a car.
10:00 AMCrime 360 
A man is killed during an argument at a housing project and it could be a case of self-defense.
11:00 AMCrime 360 
A bullet-ridden body is found on a porch in a residential neighborhood, and the victim's broken cell phone holds a vital clue to help solve the crime.
12:00 PMCrime 360 
A charred body is found in the bedroom of an apartment that caught on fire, and the detective must determine if it's a murder, suicide or an accident.
1:00 PMThe First 48 
A Cleveland man is shot to death during an attempted carjacking; a woman is murdered in front of her daughter during a home invasion in Harris County, Texas.
2:00 PMThe First 48 
A man is shot dead in his sleep in Dallas, and the homicide team learns the suspect could be his girlfriend, as they uncover a murderous past.
3:00 PMThe First 48 
A man is shot in Memphis, and a girl is the only witness to the crime; the murder of a homeless man in Miami is linked to a gang.
4:00 PMThe First 48 
In Cincinnati, a 58-year-old man is found dead in a hallway, and detectives learn he was murdered the day before his birthday.

How to Watch WTZP Court TV Mystery

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