WLFB LAFF TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WLFB LAFF in the Charleston

This is the WLFB LAFF TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Charleston. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

8:30 PMHome Improvement 
Jill embarrasses Tim on a talk show. Joan Lunden, Judyann Elder, Patricia Richardson.
9:00 PMHow I Met Your Mother 
The gang pull out all stops for Barney's bachelor party, in an effort to make it legendary.
9:30 PMHow I Met Your Mother 
Robin can't find the "something old" she buried in Central Park for her wedding; Marshall and Lily ask Ted to help them pack for Italy; Barney spends some bonding time with Robin Sr.
10:00 PMHow I Met Your Mother 
The gang gather for Robin and Barney's wedding; and Ted takes Lily to see the house he's fixing up, while Robin and Barney settle in for a night of relaxation that is interrupted by an obnoxious couple. The Season 8 finale.
10:30 PMHow I Met Your Mother 
Robin and Barney's wedding weekend on Long Island begins in the Season 9 premiere, and they make a serious family discovery, while Marshall wings it back East for the big day, but runs into some problems.
11:00 PMHow I Met Your Mother 
Robin worries about how Barney will take some bad news about his brother; Marshall scrambles to find transportation to the wedding; an uncomfortable Ted deals with flying solo in a romantic hotel.
11:30 PMHow I Met Your Mother 
Lily finds a list of things Ted hopes to do before leaving New York for Chicago, while soon-to-be-married Robin and Barney steel themselves for the arrival of their relatives.
12:00 AMThat '70s Show 
Donna tells Jackie about having sex with Eric, who learns of the negative review from a third party. Laura Prepon, Topher Grace.
12:30 AMThat '70s Show 
Fez gets a girlfriend, angering Jackie; Eric and Kitty go to a movie together. Lindsay Sloane, Tommy Chong, Debra Jo Rupp.
1:00 AMThat '70s Show 
Donna and Eric are caught having sex in the Vista Cruiser by the police. Debra Jo Rupp, Laura Prepon, Topher Grace.
1:30 AMThat '70s Show 
Eric accidentally runs over Donna's cat, then lies about it; Laurie sets Kelso up for a fall; Fez has his appendix removed. Mila Kunis.
2:00 AMThe Bernie Mac Show 
Bernie has a brush with death and decides he must pass on his wisdom to the kids. It's more wisdom than they're willing to handle.
2:30 AMThe Bernie Mac Show 
Bernie's nieces and nephew arrive and soon run afoul of the house rules in the series pilot. Kellita Smith, Camille Winbush, Jeremy Suarez.
3:00 AMPaid Programming 
3:30 AMPaid Programming 
4:00 AMPaid Programming 
4:30 AMPaid Programming 
5:00 AMPaid Programming 
5:30 AMPaid Programming 
6:00 AMWorld's Funniest Videos: Top 10 Countdown 
Some kids who underestimate the power of wasabi; a cooking demonstration blunders; and a boy's abundant love of peanut butter.
6:30 AMWorld's Funniest Videos: Top 10 Countdown 
A countdown including some outdoor adventures.
7:00 AMWorld's Funniest Videos: Top 10 Countdown 
A bat drives a family bonkers, a stealth food snatching mouse and a pelican zeroing in on supper.
7:30 AMWorld's Funniest Videos: Top 10 Countdown 
Vacation misadventures make up the top spots on the countdown with a little girl gobbled by a big wave, zany zip line attempts, falling kites and a surprising game of cruise ship billiards.
8:00 AMNight Court 
A charity rejects Bull's help because of his intimidating appearance. Al Ruscio, Paula Kelly, Selma Diamond, Richard Moll.
8:30 AMNight Court 
Harry receives a death threat. Alan North, Karen Austin, Harry Anderson, Selma Diamond.

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