WCCBDT3 ME-TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WCCBDT3 ME-TV in the Charlotte Area

This is the WCCBDT3 ME-TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Charlotte Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

2:00 AMMannix 
Mannix is on the death-strewn trail of a missing letter. Armando Silvestre, Vincent Beck, Peter Donat, Vic Tayback.
3:00 AMCannon 
A mercenary wants his brother's killer. Jack Cassidy, Herb Edelman, Lenore Kasdorf.
4:00 AMBarnaby Jones 
Guests at a mountain lodge swear they saw the owner murder his wife. Wayne Rodgers, Stephanie Powers, Dan Travanti.
5:00 AMHighway Patrol 
Mathews hunts a murderer.
5:30 AMDragnet 
A disturbed teen is armed with a grenade. Mickey Sholdar, Robert Brubaker, Jack Webb, Harry Morgan.
6:00 AMDragnet 
Friday faces an inquiry for shooting a suspect. S. John Launer, Ron Burke, Jack Webb, Harry Morgan.
6:30 AMI Love Lucy 
It's Ethel's birthday and Fred asks Lucy (Lucille Ball) to choose her present. Bad move. William Frawley, Vivian Vance, Desi Arnaz.
7:00 AMMayberry R.F.D. 
Dresses are discussed at length. Toni Moss, Joan Tompkins, Vince Barnett.
7:30 AMThe Andy Griffith Show 
Emmett decides to buy his wife a mink coat for their anniversary. Alberta Nelson, Mary Lansing, Paul Hartman, Ruth McDevitt.
8:00 AMLeave It to Beaver 
Beaver and Gilbert try to win a puppy by guessing the number of fish in a tank. Ken Osmond, Stephen Talbot, Jerry Mathers.
8:30 AMLeave It to Beaver 
Ward won't help Beaver with a school project. Jerry Mathers, Hugh Beaumont, Tony Dow, Barbara Billingsley.
9:00 AMPerry Mason 
A vanishing corpse complicates a year-old homicide. June Dayton, Adam Williams, Sarah Selby, William Talman.
10:00 AMMatlock 
A marriage counselor is murdered by one or more of the wives he had in therapy. Kim Johnston Ulrich, Mary Margaret Humes, Jenny Wright.
11:00 AMIn the Heat of the Night 
A New York PI falls to her death after a meeting with a dance teacher. David Hart, Frances Fisher, Shannon Beaty, Laura White.
1:00 PMGunsmoke 
A newly married man is killed. June Lockhart, Wayne Morris, Gail Kobe, James Arness.
1:30 PMGunsmoke 
A man's accused of killing a hunting companion. Dennis Weaver, Strother Martin.
2:00 PMBonanza 
A sheepherder greedily eyes the Ponderosa for fattening his herd. Everett Sloane, Ray Daley, Tom Reese, Ken Lynch.

How to Watch WCCBDT3 ME-TV

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