qubo TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for qubo in the Chicago Area

This is the qubo TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Chicago Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

9:00 AMChirp 
The trio become mad scientists who make the slimiest slime.
9:30 AMChirp 
Chirp and pals pretend to be octopuses who must hide from a shark, then retrieve a coin from its mouth.
10:00 AMBubu and the Little Owls 
Bubu, Biel and Bonie are waiting for the rain to stop. When they see a colourful slide in the sky, they learn about rainbows.
10:30 AMBubu and the Little Owls 
Bubu, Biel and Bonie try to figure out which animal a trail of footprints belongs to.
11:00 AMMiss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends 
A Sunny Patch holiday for mothers makes the kids compete to give their mom the best gift. A rainstorm threatens Shimmer's first hatchday.
11:30 AMMiss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends 
Shimmer is falsely accused of eating bark off of a house; Wiggle faces his fear of the dark.
12:00 PMMonkey See, Monkey Do 
Spider helps Monkey with his soccer net.
12:30 PMMonkey See, Monkey Do 
Playing with a paper plane, Monkey meets the best glider of all bald eagles.
1:00 PMFireman Sam 
1:30 PMFireman Sam 
Sam and his colleagues protect the citizens of Pontypandy.
2:00 PMMonster Math Squad 
The Squad help count sundaes with Slime Cream Monster.
2:30 PMMonster Math Squad 
The Squad help Stinky Feet Monster locate the ingredients to his foot bath.
3:00 PMMike the Knight 
Mike learns about sharing thanks to Pa Troll's generosity; a wizard assists Mike with a treasure hunt.
3:30 PMMike the Knight 
Mike tries to prove he's better than a storybook character; Mike attempts to build a castle.
4:00 PMPirates: Adventures in Art 
The Pirates help Leo get to his friend's mobile museum.
4:30 PMPirates: Adventures in Art 
Krank has stolen the pirates' art supplies.
5:00 PMJakers! 
5:30 PMJakers! 
6:00 PMBabar and the Adventures of Badou 
Badou plays tennis against some crocodiles; Badou defends Babar's reputation when it's questioned.
6:30 PMBabar and the Adventures of Badou 
King Babar attends Neighborly Nice Day celebrations; Badou and Jake are chased by a mystery animal.
7:00 PMMadeline 
Madeline and friends take cooking lessons after preparing a calamitous meal for Lord Cucuface.
7:30 PMMadeline 
Madeline auditions for a ballet production with her friends.
8:00 PMMadeline 
Genevieve is dognapped by an impresario who wants to turn her into a star.
8:30 PMMadeline 
Madeline and friends are stranded in a cabin following an avalanche.
9:00 PMMadeline 
Madeline goes to Hollywood to act in a film opposite her favorite star, Sugar Dimples, who turns out to be rather obnoxious and bratty.

How to Watch qubo

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