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Live TV schedule for qubo in the Chicago Area

This is the qubo TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Chicago Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

8:00 AMStella and Sam 
Sam outgrows his sweater and wants to give it to Fred, who doesn't care for it much; Stella tries to coax Sam out of bed for a special breakfast.
8:30 AMStella and Sam 
Sam's scarf goes missing while he and Stella are playing in a leaf pile; Stella helps Sam get ready for his first backyard campout.
9:00 AMStella and Sam 
Sam wishes he were bigger; Sam and Owen use their imaginations while playing with empty boxes.
9:30 AMStella and Sam 
Sam and Stella must coax Fred into the tub; Sam plays a superhero, who gets to rescue Fred for real.
10:00 AMWilla's Wild Life 
Three penguins teach Willa how to skate more gracefully; Willa's friend Evelyn gets a pet spider, but her eight-legged pal would rather live with Willa and her family of critters.
10:30 AMWilla's Wild Life 
Dooley joins Willa's dance class to improve his soccer skills; Steve and Edie break up, but Willa tries to get them back together.
11:00 AMWilla's Wild Life 
Willa and her dad try to spend some time together, but the animals refuse to let Willa leave home; Willa spends a day in a veterinarian's office as part of her school's career day.
11:30 AMWilla's Wild Life 
Willa attempts to create clay sculptures of her animals for a school art project; a sleepless Bert throws dance parties and cleans every night, keeping everyone else awake.
12:00 PMWilla's Wild Life 
Willa helps her dad get over a cold; Dooley is teased after he innocently gives Willa flowers.
12:30 PMWilla's Wild Life 
Mr. Tremble visits Willa; Willa tries to grow faster.
1:00 PMJane and the Dragon 
Jane competes to carry a special banner in the parade marking the castle's 300-year anniversary. Meanwhile, Dragon seeks Jane's help deciphering carvings on the wall in his cave.
1:30 PMJane and the Dragon 
Dragon becomes overly protective of Jane, who begins to rebel against her fire-breathing pal.
2:00 PMJane and the Dragon 
Jane becomes afraid of Dragon after she loses her memory.
2:30 PMJane and the Dragon 
Gunther cheats to beat Jane in a catapult contest.
3:00 PMJane and the Dragon 
Jane and Dragon share stories about their fathers as they explore an underground chamber.
3:30 PMJane and the Dragon 
Pepper starts a rumor that Jane and Gunther are sweethearts after a misunderstanding.
4:00 PMPippi Longstocking 
Pippi faces a strongman at the fair.
4:30 PMPippi Longstocking 
Pippi shows Bloom and Thunderkarlson the meaning of Christmas.
5:00 PMPippi Longstocking 
Pippi faces the reality of growing up.
5:30 PMPippi Longstocking 
Pippi's teacher seems unhappy of her attendance in school.
6:00 PMPippi Longstocking 
Pippi heads to the remote Northern Community with Captain Longstocking.
6:30 PMPippi Longstocking 
Pippi and the gang needs to deceive the poachers and save the green whales.
7:00 PMInspector Gadget 
Dr. Stench invents a substance that makes gold smell terrible, but since it can't be kept in bank vaults, it will be valueless in international markets.
7:30 PMInspector Gadget 
Inspector Gadget protects Nick Defecto. M.A.D. is trying to destroy him because of the secret he knows.
8:00 PMInspector Gadget 
M.A.D. has invented a weather machine that controls the weather and is demanding money from cities. Inspector Gadget has to find and destroy the machine, or else the cities will be buried in snow.

How to Watch qubo

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