WMEU Heroes & Icons TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WMEU Heroes & Icons in the Chicago Area

This is the WMEU Heroes & Icons TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Chicago Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

1:00 PMThe District 
Part 1 of two. Mannion is investigated by the FBI after he contacts a Russian Mob informant about a bank robbery. Jean Smart.
2:00 PMThe District 
Conclusion. Mannion is suspended by the mayor, while the FBI investigates his ties to the Russian Mob. Jean Smart, John Amos.
3:00 PMThe District 
A congressman's aide disappears and Temple gets a new partner (Jonathan LaPaglia). Ashley Jones, Joanna Cassidy.
4:00 PMThe District 
A purer, more lethal heroin hits the streets, and Temple and Debreno try to discover its source. Sean Patrick Harris, Jonathan LaPaglia.
5:00 PMThe District 
A man is apparently gunned down by carjackers outside of a trendy restaurant. Elizabeth Marvel, Sean Patrick Thomas.
6:00 PMThe District 
Mannion moves into a violent housing project to find a killer who murdered a young woman in the courtyard. Craig T. Nelson.
7:00 PMStar Trek 
Kirk matches wits with a Romulan captain (Mark Lenard). Paul Comi, Leonard Nimoy.
8:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation 
The ship's caught in a radioactive trap. Julie Warner, Albert Hall, Whoopi Goldberg, LeVar Burton, Patrick Stewart.
9:00 PMStar Trek: Deep Space Nine 
An attempt is made on Garak's life. Andrew Robinson, Paul Dooley, Julianna McCarthy, Carlos LaCamara.
10:00 PMStar Trek: Voyager 
An alien (Virginia Madsen) seeks asylum on the ship, and tries to rekindle a romance with Chakotay (Robert Beltran). Jeri Ryan, Kate Mulgrew.
11:00 PMStar Trek: Enterprise 
Aliens possess Trip and other crew members during an encounter with a massive alien ship. Joseph Will, Steven Allerick.
12:00 AMNYPD Blue 
Russell intervenes in a crisis involving her abusive father. Kim Delaney, George DiCenzo, Jimmy Smits.
1:00 AMNYPD Blue 
The slayings of two children are investigated. Jasmine Guy, Dennis Franz, Jimmy Smits.

How to Watch WMEU Heroes & Icons

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