WMEU Decades TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WMEU Decades in the Chicago Area

This is the WMEU Decades TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Chicago Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

12:00 PMVega$ 
A pregnant teen is targeted by mobsters. Terri Nunn, Pat Hingle, John Quade.
1:00 PMVega$ 
Jewel thieves terrorize a designer to divert police. Eve Arden, Barbi Benton, Gary Crosby, Paul Mantee, Cliff Osmond.
2:00 PMVega$ 
A headliner wants her rapist found. Lisa Hartman, James Wainwright, David Sheiner.
4:00 PMVega$ 
All evidence in a pimp's murder points to a feminist. Shelley Winters, Lynne Marta, Cliff Emmich, Lennie Bremen, Robert Urich.
5:00 PMVega$ 
A counterfeiting scheme jeopardizes Roth's casinos. Barry Sullivan, Christopher Stone, Wendy Rastatter, John Karlen.
6:00 PMVega$ 
An ex-racer smuggles drugs in classic cars. Frank Arno, Susan Howard, Eric Braeden.
7:00 PMVega$ 
A killer stalks a PI convention. Heather Menzies, Pamela Shoop, Paul Tuerpe.
8:00 PMVega$ 
Mobsters use hypnotism to make Binzer a killing machine. Dick Sargent, Mary Louise Weller, Tige Andrews, Mary Ann Mobley.
9:00 PMVega$ 
A Vietnam pal seeks revenge for his wife's murder. Chick Vennera, Rex Holman, Greg Morris, Phyllis Davis, Robert Urich.
10:00 PMVega$ 
Dan suspects Beatrice's fiancé of murder. Phyllis Davis, Dennis Cole, Greg Morris, Allan Miller.
11:00 PMVega$ 
Dan tries to prevent a shady casino-owner from obtaining a license. Tom Simcox, Chick Vennera, Debra Feuer.
12:00 AMVega$ 
Showgirls scheme to rip off casinos. Savannah Smith, Ashley Cox, L.Q. Jones, Tyler Murray.

How to Watch WMEU Decades

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