WGBO Grit TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WGBO Grit TV in the Chicago Area

This is the WGBO Grit TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Chicago Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

1:00 AMSeven Alone 
True tale of pioneers' trek to Oregon in 1843. Dewey Martin, Aldo Ray, Ann Collings. True story.
5:00 AMThe Virginian: The Men From Shiloh 
Greer Garson made her TV series debut as a lawyer defending Trampas (Doug McClure) on a murder charge. Judge: E.G. Marshall. Marshal Krug: James Whitmore. Sheriff Action: Kenneth Tobey. Hewitt: Jay Robinson. Deputy: Ron Soble.
6:30 AMDeath Valley Days 
A boy is missing---and a notorious Apache is in the area. Tom Palmer, Bryan Russell.
7:00 AMDeath Valley Days 
A gold prospector's small claim may yield big riches. James Drury, Hank Patterson, Preshy Marker.
7:30 AMDeath Valley Days 
A newspaperwoman lambastes a crooked politician. Don Beddow, Mary Webster.
8:00 AMDeath Valley Days 
Downieville, Cal., ostracizes the brother of Lincoln's assassin. Harry Townes, Jack Mather, Alan Baxter.
8:30 AMDeath Valley Days 
Sam Houston's lawyer son defends a murder suspect. Ross Elliott, Alan Reed Jr., Robert Morris, Maggie Pierce.
9:00 AMTall in the Saddle 
A chauvinistic cowboy helps a pair of female ranch owners who are feuding with a corrupt judge. He then meets another female ranch owner who he clashes with, until the two fall in love.
11:00 AMAngel and the Badman 
An outlaw driven to murder the man who killed his foster father falls for a Quaker, and that leads to a profound change-of-heart.
1:30 PM3 Godfathers 
Three bandits risk their lives to save a baby they discover in the Arizona desert.

How to Watch WGBO Grit TV

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