KNPB Create TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KNPB Create in the Chico

This is the KNPB Create TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Chico. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

5:30 AMThis Old House 
The updates to the 1887 Seaside Victorian Cottage in Rhode Island are completed and showcased.
6:00 AMP. Allen Smith's Garden Home 
The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Ark., is visited. Also: the restoration of a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house.
6:30 AMGrowing a Greener World 
Jason Brown walked away from an NFL contract to be a farmer and provide food to those in need.
7:00 AMDishing with Julia Child 
José Andrés and Éric Ripert discuss Julia Child's hands-on treatment of a whole fish, how much information she is able to convey, and how she is able to work without any retakes.
7:30 AMDishing with Julia Child 
Following Julia Child's breadmaking recipes for classic pain de mie and a raisin bread, highlighting her role in reorienting people's perception of food, with Vivian Howard, Marcus Samuelsson, Carla Hall and Sara Moulton.
8:30 AMDishing with Julia Child 
Martha Steward talks about the Julia Child's influence.
9:00 AMDishing with Julia Child 
Martha Stewart weighs in on how influential Julia was in completely changing how viewers thought about food and cooking. Chef Rick Bayless supplies commentary on Julia Child's high wire performance preparing potatoes and her comfort in the kitchen.
9:30 AMDishing with Julia Child 
Chefs Vivian Howard and Marcus Samuelsson enjoy Julia Child's presentation of chickens. They note how she invented cooking on television with no existing rulebook and discuss her mission to educate viewers about the value of prime ingredients and how to prepare them.
10:00 AMIn Julia's Kitchen with Master Chefs 
New Orleans chef Leah Chase joins Julia Child to prepare fried chicken, biscuits and sweet-potato pie.
10:30 AMIn Julia's Kitchen with Master Chefs 
Jimmy Sneed prepares stuffed turkey legs with host Julia Child.
11:00 AMIn Julia's Kitchen with Master Chefs 
New York chef Zarela Martinez offers tips for making stuffed poblano peppers with dried pork and nuts. Host: Julia Child.
11:30 AMIn Julia's Kitchen with Master Chefs 
Chef Charlie Trotter makes seared scallops, warm peach soup and a trio of sorbets.
12:00 PMThis Old House 
The updates to the 1887 Seaside Victorian Cottage in Rhode Island are completed and showcased.
12:30 PMAsk This Old House 
Different Christmas tree species are discussed and a variety of Christmas lights are installed.
1:00 PMAmerica's Test Kitchen 
A show that experiments with cooking products and techniques, and addresses culinary challenges.
1:30 PMCook's Country 
Bryan Roof and Julia Collin Davidson makes the Shrimp Po' Boys. Ashley Moore and Bridget Lancaster make a Chicken Sauce Piquant.
2:00 PMRichard Bangs' Adventures With a Purpose 
A visit to Assam, a remote state in India that features unspoiled land and an array of wildlife, such as the one-horned rhinoceros. Included: what the rhino means to the local people.
3:00 PMRick Steves' Europe 
The cuisine capital of Lyon is explored.
3:30 PMKitchen Queens: New Orleans 
4:00 PMNick Stellino: Storyteller in the Kitchen 
Featured are Eggs Benedict "Stellino Style", poached eggs over chorizo hash with tequila sauce, and chocolate chip pancakes.
4:30 PMPati's Mexican Table 
Chipotle goat cheese spread; cesina and creamy slaw ciabatta sandwich; and poblano rajas tuna melt.
5:00 PMSomewhere South 
See how Vivian's crash course in mass producing hand pies inspires her to revisit the applejacks of her youth. Her journey includes a trip to West Virginia for a taste of pepperoni rolls and a look at the world's most popular hand pie – the empanada.

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