WBQC Decades TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WBQC Decades in the Cincinnati Area

This is the WBQC Decades TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Cincinnati Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

2:00 PMThe Prisoner 
The Prisoner is on the brink of a breakdown in a Western town built by his captors. Patrick McGoohan, Valerie French, Alex Kanner.
3:00 PMThe Prisoner 
The Prisoner discovers that someone is going to be killed. What he doesn't know is who. Patrick McGoohan, Derren Nesbitt, Mark Eden.
4:00 PMThe Prisoner 
The Prisoner's mind is transferred to another man's body, as Number 2 tries to capture a scientist. Patrick McGoohan, Clifford Evans.
5:00 PMThe Prisoner 
The Prisoner tests his resistance against mind-bending drugs, ultrasonic waves and a woman conditioned to betray him. Angela Browne.
6:00 PMThe Prisoner 
The Prisoner is out to avenge a fellow captive's death, and he tries to mentally break Number 2 (Patrick Cargill). Patrick McGoohan, Basil Hoskins.
7:00 PMThe Prisoner 
The Prisoner falls for the charms of a woman called Death. Patrick McGoohan, Justine Lord.
8:00 PMThe Prisoner 
The Prisoner must say why he resigned---or forfeit his own life. Leo McKern, Patrick McGoohan.
9:00 PMThe Prisoner 
The Prisoner must either lead the Village or claim his freedom. Patrick McGoohan, Leo McKern, Kenneth Griffith, Alex Kanner.
10:00 PMThe Prisoner 
A secret agent is placed in a tranquil prison after resigning his position. Patrick McGoohan, Guy Doleman.
11:00 PMThe Prisoner 
Women provide deadly problems for the Prisoner amid the gaiety of the Village carnival. Patrick McGoohan, Mary Morris, Camilla Hasse.
12:00 AMThe Prisoner 
The Prisoner is running for election in the Village and Number 2 is cheering him on.
1:00 AMThe Prisoner 
The Prisoner plays chess---and the pieces are people.
2:00 AMThe Prisoner 
The Prisoner becomes involved with a new captive, and an important clue is provided. Patrick McGoohan, Nadia Gray, Leo McKern.

How to Watch WBQC Decades

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