WZRB qubo TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WZRB qubo in the Columbia Area

This is the WZRB qubo TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Columbia Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

12:30 PMLook Kool 
Hamza studies math.
1:00 PMLook Kool 
Hamza learns about the process of doubling numbers.
1:30 PMLook Kool 
Measuring is taught.
2:00 PMWilla's Wild Life 
Tiny the elephant fears going to the veterinarian; Willa's animals think they are being sent away to Hong Kong because of their misbehavior.
2:30 PMWilla's Wild Life 
Willa takes an adventurous walk alone; Willa enters her two seals in a dog show to prove her pets are as cool as canines.
3:00 PMWilla's Wild Life 
Willa camps out in the backyard to prove she's ready to go on a real camping trip; Willa gets overwhelmed after she joins three clubs.
3:30 PMWilla's Wild Life 
Willa gets stage fright preparing for a play; Willa persuades friends to have a party at her house.
4:00 PMWilla's Wild Life 
Bert the bear gets jealous when Willa gets a stuffed bear from her grandma; Willa and her animals raise money for the school's garden.
4:30 PMWilla's Wild Life 
Gus is accused of eating Willa's homework; Jenny gets a giraffe house, which makes the other animals want a separate home of their own.
5:00 PMFunniest Pets & People 
A Dalmatian thinks he's a seal and a parrot thinks he's a kangaroo.
5:30 PMFunniest Pets & People 
Meet a sneak-attack cat and a dog who shreds something other than the newspaper.
6:00 PMFunniest Pets & People 
We'll meet a cow that needs to pipe down and a parrot rockin' to some fresh sounds.
6:30 PMFunniest Pets & People 
Spotlighting a cat that won't stand for dirt and a horse that won't stand at all.
7:00 PMFunniest Pets & People 
A cockatoo who likes to boogaloo; canines on KP; and a dog with no table manners.
7:30 PMFunniest Pets & People 
A dog makes his own gravy and a chipmunk bites off more than he can chew.
8:00 PMToddworld 
Todd gets lonely when Benny visits his grandma; a new kangaroo friend visits the gang.
8:30 PMToddworld 
Benny plays in the mud with a new doggie friend named Sam; Pickle gets help cleaning his bedroom so he can find a missing ball.
9:00 PMToddworld 
Todd and his pals make a new friend who is very shy; Todd dreams of making a large drawing and succeeds with some help from his friends.
9:30 PMToddworld 
Ralph is bringing a homemade gift to Todd's birthday party; Todd finds a skateboard motor and decides to keep it.
10:00 PMToddworld 
Todd and the gang clean the picnic grounds; Benny is unhappy when Todd changes plans for a playdate.
10:30 PMToddworld 
The kids eat healthy lunches, but Pickle sneaks junk food; Todd is scared of the unicycle after falling.
11:00 PMToddworld 
Stella invites Julian to a sleepover party, but Pickle is afraid he might catch whatever Julian has and end up in a wheelchair, too; a bully searches for Todd and everyone assumes he's up to no good.
11:30 PMToddworld 
Benny is sad when some puppies move away; Hardy enters the Triple Treat Treasure Race.
12:00 AMToddworld 
Sophie becomes a superhero; Stella is fascinated with Sophie's hair and tries to fix her hair to match it.
12:30 AMToddworld 
Todd needs help building a fort; Stella frets because her ears are different colors.

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